About Me

Hello.  My name is Margaret and I am the owner of this website.  I just wanted to tell About Margaretyou a little bit about myself and why I have set up The Successful Affiliate website.

Twelve years ago my marriage ended and I lost my home in the property settlement.  As you can imagine I was pretty devastated finding myself having to rent after having my own home but as a wise man once told me, ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’.  So that is what I set out to do.

Not long after my divorce was finalized  I was forced into early retirement with a back injury.  I was a nurse and back injuries are common in that profession.  By now I had to find rent payments and car registration etc and it was a difficult time for me financially.  This is by no means a rags to riches story.  We have all had some hardships in our lives and that was mine.  Sometimes it was difficult but it was what spurred me to make some changes in my life. That is when I turned to online marketing to try to earn extra income.

Of course, like many of you, my first attempt at affiliate marketing fell flat and I came in for my fair share of scams.  It was a disheartening time and there were times when I just felt like giving up.   It isn’t a good feeling to lose money you can ill afford to dishonest people without a conscience.

It was at this time that I met someone who offered to teach me more about using my computer and the internet and he spent many hours helping me to learn what I needed to know if I was ever going to master the internet and earn some extra income.  After awhile I became more confident on the computer and even ventured into helping others learn the basics.  He has been a wonderful friend who was there to help when I had to have back surgery and whenever I needed a helping hand.

It was also the time when I realized why I had failed to earn anything but a pittance in the past with my internet income attempts.  To earn money online, I realized I had to know a lot more about internet marketing.  It was at this time that I could have lost a lot of money to scammers if I had not stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and signed up for their in-depth training.  I was at a stage of being almost ready to give up and accept the lemon life had handed me.

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate I thought it was probably a scam but then I decided I would sign up forFeeding The Kangaroos the free membership and see what they had to offer.  I didn’t believe for one minute they had very much to offer but it was free and I didn’t have anything better to do so why not, I thought.  Nothing to lose with free sign up and they didn’t even ask for my credit card.  As things have turned out that was the day I took the lemon life had handed me and turned it into lemonade.

It did not take me long as a free member to see the benefits that were available if I upgraded to Premium membership. I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member in April 2015  and every day I say a little prayer of thanks that I found them.  The support from the owners, Kyle and Carson has been amazing, the encouragement of the other members is awesome and the training is phenomenal.  I cannot speak highly enough of the truly genuine, honest, caring people I have found at Wealthy Affiliate.

Since joining I have not looked back and I could not be happier.  My knowledge has grown with the training I have received and I could not have done it without the people at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am the mother of two adults children and grandmother to their children and I adore them all to bits.

If you would like to know a bit more about me you can leave me a note below and ask me any questions you may have, or you might like to pop on over to my About Me and read my profile.at Wealthy Affiliate

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate (and the excellent orthopaedic surgeon who operated on my back) I have been able to travel throughout Europe, cruise the Greek Islands, visit  Turkey and Gallipoli and pay my respects to the young Australian men who died there.  I was also able to travel around Australia.  None of this would have been possible without Wealthy Affiliate and that excellent Orthopaedic surgeon.

Thank you for dropping in and reading my story and I wish you every success in life.