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By | 29/06/2015

Name :  Bring the FreshBring The Fresh Review

Owner: Kelly Felix


Price: $7 Trial then a one off cost of $89 lifetime membership+ Upsells.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

What is Bring The Fresh?

Sounds like your local green grocer doesn’t it?  Actually, it is a site that educates their members on how to get their website ranked in the search engines and make a profit with affiliate marketing.

The original owners were Kelly Felix and Mike Long but in 2013 they split up and now Kelly Felix is the sole owner.    The purpose is to build a community of members who make money through Affiliate sales.

The membership comes with software to build your website and also training to create your online business.   They claim you can make money at home without any experience, computer knowledge or marketing skills.

The member’s area is made up of sections which is primarily a download area for Forums and Content.

Bring The Fresh Review

Members Navigation Menu

BTF Road Map

Recommended Tools

Fast Start Guide and videos

Power Finish  Module

Behind The Scenes

Interview Series

Advanced SEO Video

Annihilation Video

Underground Biz Philosophy

Inside $7-Figures

Latest News

Member Forum

One on One Coaching

Done For you BTF Website

Contact Us

BTF Sequel

Project Profit Login

This information is updated regularly but this is to keep up with changes in Google.

Not all members get full access to all those areas and they are only available to “Full Disclosure” members which are the upsell of the BTF Purchase.

What Are The Pros

  • Easy to set up website using WordPress
  • A lot of video training
  • Members forum to get answers to questions
  • Money back guarantee

What Are The Cons

  • Too many up-sells that are quite expensive                                                  bring The Fresh Review
  • Takes too long getting answers to the questions you ask in the forum
  • The videos are not well organized and are not clear
  • Too many emails selling their premium products
  • Your membership does not come with all the products needed to run an online business

Who is BTF Intended For?

If you are dedicated to succeeding then Bring The Fresh may be what you want.  But remember, even though they say anyone can do it you still have to work if you want to succeed.

They also target people who have been scammed in the past and are looking for something with a fresh approach to training and this is what BTF say they are offering.

What Do You Get In Tools And Training?

Your training will be delivered by Webinar.  This may be fine for some but people have different ways of learning and it may not work for everyone.  You will get some expert advice.  Also, the software that builds your website, however, you do not get web hosting.  There are other tools they suggest you get to facilitate your success.  These are things like link builders, spinner tools, and article creation.  These tools are all optional.

As soon as you are enrolled you will get a complete video guide on how to get started on Bring The Fresh.

Will You Get Good Support?

You can get support from the customer service page and also within the forum.

Is Bring The Fresh A Scam?

No, I do not believe it is a scam but some of the upsells are very expensive and as I’ve said in the past when I buy a car I want it to have everything including the motor to make it go.  I don’t expect to pay extra for it.

My final verdict is

Bring the Fresh is Legit

It is a pretty good product but I do object to the expensive upsells.

Get more information on my not my number one ranked internet marketing training product.

Have you been scammed or misled?  If you have I would really love to hear about it so please leave a message below.








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