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By | 20/07/2015

When I realized my free websites were going to be on WordPress  I thought my head would explode.  My first thought was ‘ Dear God, please, not WordPress!’.  Like a lot of other people I had tried to build a WordPress site before and gave up in tears.  I found it not only difficult but for me,  impossible.

I thought the claim that I could do this in just 30 seconds was total rubbish and you probably do too.  So to put your doubts to rest I have decided I will give you video proof  that this is not only possible it is down right easy.

My WordPress Journey

First of all I am not a geek who can whip up a website with HTML or PHP, FTP, DNS or Domain Registers and all that other very confusing technical stuff. That was all the stuff you needed to know about setting up aBuild a Website In 30 Seconds website and geez I done even know what half those things mean let alone how to use them.

I thought about getting some you beaut website builder like Dreamweaver but I thought that would be too hard for me too.  So, like so many people I gave up on WordPress.

So back to the facts.

The fact is Kyle and Carson who built and own Wealthy Affiliate know all this geeky stuff and in 2010 they created this really great website builder added it to their Wealthy Affiliate program. They called it WordPress Express.

So, you don’t have to buy any expensive website building programs or super expensive Photoshop.   You can set up your free niche Website in two easy steps.

(1) Set up your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account for FREE

(2)Build your WordPress Website (Also FREE)

Just before you watch the video on how easy it is there is one more thing you should know.  These websites are getting great rankings with Google and there is no better way to build a successful Internet Marketing business is there.


Create your website in 30 seconds

What I would really like you to do

Now I have shown you how really easy it is to build you own website there is something I would love you to do.  When you have your website  up and running I would love to have you leave a message below about your experience and also a link to your website so I can check it out.

Also if you know anyone who wants a website but doesn’t have the skills to build one I would love you to share this video with them.  It is easier than you think and it is free.


If you need to know anything  please post your question below.  I would love to hear from you.

my very best wishes for your success.









8 thoughts on “Build a Website in 30 Seconds-Video

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for you comment. A lot of people find it hard to believe how easy it is to create a WordPress Website with Wealthy Affiliate.
    I am delighted with the amount of traffic I am getting with my website so I know how happy you must be too.
    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and what do you think of it>?
    My very best wishes to you

  2. Melanie Townsend

    Great article! I have a free website through Wealthy Affiliate Word Press and it’s great! Just starting to get some traffic with it! Best of wishes to you!

  3. Margaret Post author

    Hi Esteban,
    I agree it is incredible how easy it is to build a website and the help, training and support you get at Wealthy Affiliate is simply in-credible.
    I’m like you and would never have been able to have my own website before but now it is a quick few clicks and you have it. Have you also checked out the Jaaxy keyword tool? I am convinced the only thing it can’t do is make my coffee. 🙂
    If I can ever help you in any way please do contact me.

  4. Esteban

    It’s incredible how easy you can build your own website. I remember not even that long ago it was near impossible without the knowledge of all the tech stuff. It was like reading latin to me!
    Thankfully wordpress and especially wealthy affiliate made it a whole lot easier for us and we can now create anything we wan within a few seconds and clicks away!
    Great post!

  5. Margaret Post author

    Hi Ante, you are right building up a website is very easy and quick. I think finding the right niche for you is harder but did you know Jaaxy can be a great help with that? Keywords are of paramount importance and finding the right ones is made easy by Jaaxy. I really love Jaaxy it is the greatest Keyword too there is.
    My website theme is Iconic One. It is very simple and easy to use. Let me know what you think if you decide to use it. Also have you been using Jaaxy?
    Best wishes

  6. Margaret Post author

    Hi Nigel, Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I will look at putting up more pictures. Do you have your own website?
    My very best wishes

  7. nigel

    Brilliant website well thought out maybe a few more pictures. But otherwise very good and informative

  8. Ante

    You have a great post there. Yep, building up a website has become that easy, with a click of a mouse and in 30 seconds there you have it. It all comes down to what your passion is or what is your niche that you know more about than other people so you can share your value with others. Getting a good rankings in Google is easy, just don’t cheat the system, have crucial keywords in your posts and have them full of value so when people come and read them they feel good and learn something new. You know that you have a great website when you uplift people so when they come and leave you comments of gratitude and appreciation. I also really like your theme for the website, can you tell me which is it so I can change mine, I am looking for alternative to mine and I like yours very much?



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