How to Write Good Content For Websites

How to Write Good Content for Websites

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If you have been wanting to learn how to write good content for websites then here are some tips and  tools to get you started.  Writing website content can be daunting for some people.  It is important to have a plan before you get started.   The best way to plan your article is to ask yourself six things. Who is it for? What do they want? Why do they want it? When will they want it? Where can they get it? How can I help? When you answer these six questions you will have written some awesome content for your website. Web Content Writing Tips When it comes to writing good content for your website  there are a few rules you  need to follow. Original Content:  Writing about something totally original that no one else has ever written about is not possible.  Don’t let this deter you.  The originality of […]

When You Hate Your Job

What Can You Do When You Hate Your Job

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Are you like hundreds of people who are looking for the answer to what can you do when you hate your job?   Many of these people feel they have no choice but to stay in their job and just try to keep going. They feel they can never escape from the job that is sucking the life out of them. They have a family to support, a mortgage, bills to pay and they cannot see any alternative but to drag themselves out of bed every morning and try to make the most of the job they have. If you are one of those people then you are not alone.  According to a recent Gallup poll, ‘87% of employees worldwide are not engaged’ and a recent article in Forbes claims that 70% of employees hate their jobs. The Effects This Has On An Employee Having to face a job you hate […]

Free Helping Hand

Is This Free To Join Offer Legit

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Have you ever signed up for a free trial offer and been asked for your credit card details or found it actually cost you a couple of dollars?  I certainly have.  It ended up costing me $69 dollar at the end of the trial period.  After that experience, I realized why so many people were asking me ‘Is this free to join offer legit?’ so I thought it was time to disclose a few facts on the genuine and non-genuine free offers you are getting. The Facts There are a lot of programs that will tell you they are free to join.  Some actually will be but if they ask you for any credit card details run.  This is not so they can pay you those massive amounts of money they say you will earn.  It is more likely that they will hit you hard for the upgrade to paid […]

How To Write Amazing Headlines

How To Write Amazing Headlines That Will Get Clicked

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If you struggle with  writing  headlines for your blog posts then you are not alone. If you are  not getting the traffic or the clicks you want then the problem could be your headline. Your post title or headline is the first thing people see and you need to know  how to write amazing headlines that will get clicked.  First impressions are important and they do count. First Impressions Do matter The very first thing anyone will see on Google search is your title and your meta description.  If this doesn’t capture them they will move on to  a title that does.  Your page title or headline needs to stand out from the crowd and grab  attention.  If if isn’t doing that then it isn’t working and you will be missing out on traffic to your site.  Without traffic there are no clicks. When you are searching Google for information […]

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

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When You Are Just Starting Out In Your Affiliate Marketing  Business You Want As Many Free Tools As You Can Get   Getting Started Starting any business online or offline you need to have a budget and reduce costs as much as possible.  That is why it is better to start your business with as little cost as possible and you don’t want any nasty shocks after you pay your money in good faith and then find, oops, but there is more. That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  You can join for free and take a good look around under all the rocks and behind the doors before deciding if this is where you want to set up your online business.  Does it have great training?  Yes it does.  Does it have any up-sells?  No it does not.  Will I need some tools to help me?  Yes you will. […]