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What Is Stopping You Being Successful

What Is Stopping You Being Successful? Have you noticed how many people spend their lives with their noses pressed up against the window watching others succeed?  Have you ever wondered why?  Every day they read that anyone can succeed, how easy it is and yet something stands in their way.   So what is stopping… Read More »

Will Robots Take Our Jobs

Technology has always brought changes to our workplace.  Now people are wondering, will robots take our jobs?    According to an article in the Daily Mail  Australia, Robots ‘will take 10million British jobs in 15 years’.  Could this really be happening?  It sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984     Jobs Lost… Read More »

What Is A Domain Name And How To Buy One

When we are new to online marketing a lot of things confuse us.  We have to choose a domain name.  But what the heck is a domain name and why is it so important?  It is important because it is the name of your business.  You need to think of your website as your own… Read More »