Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online

Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online – Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Despite the number of work from home online opportunities available many people fail to make money online.  The main reason for their failure is that a large number of the opportunities offered are misleading and all too many are outright scams.  Despite these scam sites that will take your money and run there are legitimate sites online.   The trick is to find the right one that will give you all the training and support you need to succeed.  Even when you find the right one, your success is not guaranteed.  There are some common reasons people fail to make money online.  They make mistakes that could easily have been avoided.  In this post, I will explain the reasons people fail and tell you how you can avoid making the same mistakes.   First Find The Right Training Program Don’t get caught out wasting your time and money on a […]

Start an Online Home Business

Start an Online Home Business – Get it Right & Makes Money

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Have you been thinking about starting an online home business?  If you have then you should also think about equipping yourself with the proper tools and training to get it right.    People often ask how to make money online and that is not easy to answer.  There is no one special way to make money with your online business.  There are a number of different ways people can make money online.   How many ways can you think of to make money offline?  The truth is there are just as many ways online. Just like an offline business, there are many different pathways to making money online.  What I can do for you explain how you can set up the foundation to a profitable online business. Laying the Foundations For Your Online Business   Just like the corner store your business needs a good solid foundation to grow on.  It […]

Why People Start Their Own Business

Why People Start Their Own Business

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Have you ever wondered why people start their own business?  I know I often have and I never did come up with a definitive answer.  Many people I know have left secure employment to start their own business.  When I asked them why their reasons were as diverse and they are.  Many chose to start their own business, for others it was the only choice at the time and for others, it was the freedom to do it their way. Read on to learn the four main reasons I found  why people drop out of the corporate rat race and go it alone Spend More Time With Kids You may think this is more likely to be what a woman who would want but it actually isn’t always a mum who does this.  A lot of dads give up their jobs to start their own business and work from home […]

Start Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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I am often asked by people how to start affiliate marketing for beginners and today I wanted to explain the process to you in five easy to follow steps so you can get started.  If, after reading this, you have questions or need help then please leave a note for me below this post and I will get back to you.     First A Word About The Cost Most of us don’t have a lot of money to throw around in the beginning so it is important to first talk about the costs.  The good news is you can become an affiliate marketing beginner for no whatsoever. I will explain how below so keep reading. All you really need to know for now is that you can get started for FREE.  You also need to know there are no hidden cost or up-sells waiting for you after you sign up […]

Believe & Achieve

What Is Stopping You Being Successful

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What Is Stopping You Being Successful? Have you noticed how many people spend their lives with their noses pressed up against the window watching others succeed?  Have you ever wondered why?  Every day they read that anyone can succeed, how easy it is and yet something stands in their way.   So what is stopping you from jumping off the fence and finding success? For many it is fear.  They have been scammed in the past and are now afraid of losing their money again.  This held me back for far too long.  I told myself ‘if it is on the internet it is a scam’.  I know now I was wrong.  I am also very grateful I found out I was wrong before I spent my life with my nose pressed up against the window. Success Starts In Your Head Many people talk themselves out of success.  They tell […]

Make Money Online

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About

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What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing? If you are like me you want to make some extra cash and have been searching online for a way to earn it.  You may have stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and wondered if this was just another of those dodgy online programs that take your money and give you a program that doesn’t work and training that lacks any substance.  If you have been wondering what is wealthy affiliate about then here is the stone cold truth on their training and program, Wealthy Affiliate University. The Truth You can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.  Put away your Pay Pal details and credit card and sign up.  Feel free to take a  look around.  If you decide to upgrade in the first 7 days you will get a massive discount of 59% on your first month.  Your first month will be […]

Will Robots Take Our Jobs

Will Robots Take Our Jobs

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Technology has always brought changes to our workplace.  Now people are wondering, will robots take our jobs?    According to an article in the Daily Mail  Australia, Robots ‘will take 10million British jobs in 15 years’.  Could this really be happening?  It sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984     Jobs Lost To Technology Technological changes have caused many jobs to disappear.  We no longer have someone pump our petrol for us.  Self-service checkouts are in most supermarkets giving check out chicks good reason to be concerned. Shorthand and typing have been eliminated by computers that will correct spelling and grammar as you type.  Google docs has eliminated the need for typing skills with voice typing which converts speech into type.  Digital recorders have made shorthand skills redundant. Digital monitors are used in hospitals reducing the time needed to physically monitor a patient’s temperature, respiration, blood pressure […]

Is Affilorama a Scam

What is the Best Way to Choose a Niche

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New affiliate marketers are often confused about what is the best way to choose a niche and today I will try to shed some light on that subject for them. When it comes to choosing a niche there are a few things that people need answers to. What is niche marketing? Will my niche make money? What is the best niche for me? Why is it better to be passionate about my niche? Will my niche popularity last? Can I compete with my competition in this niche? What is Niche Marketing? A niche market is created by identifying a need that a small segment of the population is searching for.   The people who are looking for a solution to that need is your target audience. According to Wikipedia, a niche market is  “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused”.  Niche marketing has also been referred to […]

Start Your Day With A Smile

How You Can Start Your Day With A Smile – Find A Job You Love

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How do you wake up every morning?  Do you wake up to a clattering alarm clock that you want to attack it with a hammer?  Does the dog hide under the bed when it sees you?  Does everyone stop talking when you walk out of the bedroom?  If that pretty much describes your morning then chances are you are working in a job you hate. Learn how you can start your day with a smile Waking up every morning and facing the prospect of another day at a job that gives you no pleasure or job satisfaction is destructive not only to you but also to your family.    You feel trapped.  It all starts to seem hopeless and pointless. Human Nature We all pretty much want the same things. Health Food Sleep Money Sexual gratification Safety and happiness for our children To feel important Health, food, sleep and money are […]

What Is A Domain Name And How To Buy One

What Is A Domain Name And How To Buy One

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When we are new to online marketing a lot of things confuse us.  We have to choose a domain name.  But what the heck is a domain name and why is it so important?  It is important because it is the name of your business.  You need to think of your website as your own corner store.  The only difference is, unlike a corner store,  it won’t cost you a fortune to start trading.  The internet is a wonderful equalizer and has opened the door of opportunity to anyone who wants to have their own business. Today I want to walk you through choosing and buying a domain name.     Choosing Your Domain Name When you have decided what your online business will be selling (your niche) the next step is choosing your domain name.  What will you call your website?  The name you choose should tell people what […]