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What is My Mobile Money Pages – Scam or Legit

My Mobile Money Page Review Name:  My Mobile Money Page Website: Owner:  Andrew Davidson Price:  $39.95.   What is My Mobile Money Page? My Mobile Money Page is being sold through ClickBank as an internet training and marketing program that will teach you how to earn $527.03 per day.  They claim all you need… Read More »

How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website

 Anyone new to internet marketing will ask the same question; how to find the best keywords for a website.  The answer, of course, is first you must find the right keyword tool.  This post is about why you need to use the right keywords and choosing your keyword tool. Find The Right Keyword Tool There are… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

Anyone considering setting up an online business should know some affiliate marketing tips for beginners.  Today I want to share five of those tips with you in the hope that you can move forward with confidence and not get held back by fear.     Tip 1-You Are Responsible For Your Own Success. When we… Read More »

The Gray Nomads -Earn Extra Income Part Time

My friend is retiring in June and is already getting her motor home ready so she can join the gray nomads as soon as she stops working.  She is already looking at ways she can earn extra income part time to fund her retirement adventure.     The Gray Nomads Many retired people are like… Read More »

How Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

This is one of the most asked questions at Wealthy Affiliate and today I want to explain a couple of things that many folks seem to miss. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick scheme Wealthy Affiliate is an education program that teaches you how you can make money online. The ways of making… Read More »

What Makes A Good Website

It is so easy to create your own website but what makes it a good website?  What do you want your website to do for your online business? Today I want to help you find the answers to those questions so you can build a website that  gets traffic, that rates well in the search… Read More »

How To Make Your First Million – Like A Boss

How To Make Your First Million Like A Boss Admit it you have thought about it, dreamed about it but never quite knew how to get started.  Today I want to tell you how a number of very wealthy entrepreneurs got started with no money and built their fortune online.  That’s right, it wasn’t a… Read More »

Why Is It Important To Set Goals

Most people have set goals for themselves in life.  Goals are those shiny things that we work toward and that keep us going when the going gets tough.    So why is it important to set goals?  They are what keeps us moving forward toward our ultimate destination. Goal Setting The majority of people set goals. … Read More »