Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online – Mistakes You Can Avoid

By | 19/01/2018

Despite the number of work from home online opportunities available many people fail to make money online.  The main reason for their failure is that a large number of the opportunities offered are misleading and all too many are outright scams.  Despite these scam sites that will take your money and run there are legitimate sites online.   The trick is to find the right one that will give you all the training and support you need to succeed.  Even when you find the right one, your success is not guaranteed.  There are some common reasons people fail to make money online.  They make mistakes that could easily have been avoided.  In this post, I will explain the reasons people fail and tell you how you can avoid making the same mistakes.


Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online

First Find The Right Training Program

Don’t get caught out wasting your time and money on a program that promises the earth and delivers nothing.  Any site that says you can earn a lot of money in one or two weeks is not to be trusted.

Before you sign up for any training or believe any of the unrealistic hype, it is essential to do some research.  Search for reviews on the site first.  To keep safe, you need to be suspicious of any offers.  Check them out first.

If a site is honest and is prepared to give you a free trial, then you can try it knowing you have nothing to lose.  Money back guarantees do not protect you.  Dishonest sites won’t honor their warranty anyway.

Of course, scams and expensive upsells are not the only reason people fail to make money online.

Six Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online

1.  Time. To succeed in any business, you need to invest time and effort into building your business. Most people in the early stages of developing their online project are still working in their regular employment.  Often they are not willing to invest time and effort required into their fledgling online business.

2.  Knowledge.  Education is the most important thing, but it is the one many people don’t consider.   It is so easy to get a website or blog setup and to sign up as an affiliate for Amazon or Commission Junction they neglect the one thing that is vital to their online success.  Education is essential for success in your online business.

3.  Unrealistic Expectations.   Many people have been conditioned to believe they can make enormous amounts of money in a very short time.  They think they will get rich in just a few weeks and they set unrealistic and unattainable goals.  When they can’t meet their goals, they become disheartened and give up.

4.  Information.  When you get the right information, you will reap the benefits, but there is so much information that does nothing more than consume your time and effort.  It is essential to be sure you get the right information and help you need to be successful.

5.  Focus.  Know what you want and where you are going.  Without this focus people often wander without direction.  If you don’t know what you are working toward you will get lost.

6.  Find a Mentor.  As an online business owner, you are alone.  There is not an office full of colleagues you can turn to for help, and that is why you need a mentor.  Without someone to turn to for advice or help when you need it you will find yourself faltering and often this is the time when many people quit.

Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online


Six Ways to Succeed

  1. Time.  Investing time and effort into your online business will bring the rewards you are seeking.  In the beginning, you will have a lot number of demands on your time and to help you through this you need to have a schedule.You will have the requirements of your job as well as those of your family.  ThisThee responsibilities will leave little time for your online business.  By establishing a schedule that gives you two or three hours for your business you can succeed.  The more time you can give to your business the sooner you will start to see results.  As you begin to gain success in your business, you can cut back your work hours in your day job.

The Pyramids didn’t pop up in a few days; it took time and effort.  People will visit your website if you spend the time to write compelling helpful posts for them to read. It takes time to get visitors to your site.  When they come, it is your job to win their trust.

People come to your website to get the answer to a question or to solve a problem.  If you can give them the answer to their question and solve their problem, they are more likely to buy what you are selling.  This can be the start of an ongoing relationship between you and that customer, but it is up to you to spend the time to help that relationship grow.  Your customer is the most important person in your business so take good care of him.

2 Knowledge. Don’t neglect this vital ingredient for success. Knowledge is power.  It may be a tired old cliche, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, it is essential.  I spend a lot of time learning how to find the best keywords,  attending training videos, discussion groups, getting answers to my questions on 24/7 chat and whenever I can, helping others with any problems they are having.  I followed a step by step educational program that has taught me how to build my business online and make money.

To succeed in an online business, you need a website to build your business.  You also need to understand  Search Engine Optimization.

Without the knowledge, you need you will have little chance of succeeding.  People who have tried to do this on their own have failed, myself included.  It wasn’t until I found the right training program that I started to see success.

3 Expectations.  When you set up your expectations and goals, set the bar high but be aware that meeting those expectations will take work and knowledge.  Break your expectations down into bite-size pieces with what you want to achieve this week, this month, half yearly and yearly

Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online

Always have your ultimate goal in your mind as you work through each step to achieve your short-term goals. There are no shortcuts to achieving your ultimate goal. There are get rich schemes on the net that will take your money and run.  Don’t fall for them.  The site I chose to teach me will let you sign up for free and check it out.  If you would like to check it out Click Here. It is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

4  Information. The internet is full of information but don’t be misled by it.  The only information worth having is the information that helps you.  As an Affiliate marketer, you will get a lot of information that will not be of any help to you or your new business.  You should be very selective about the information you are offered.

It is absolutely free to set up your website, find keywords and get some basic training on getting started.  Eventually, there will be some costs but don’t be enticed into courses that won’t help you in your business.

5  Stay Focused  When you start building your business it is important to stay focused.  Don’t be distracted by offers or information and tools that will not help you.  This is a good time to develop tunnel vision.  Focus on the training you need and ignore everything else.

If you have decided to join Wealthy Affiliate to get started then work throught he training sep by step.  Don’t get impatient and jump ahead.  It is important to do each lesson and all the tasks in the order they are set up.

6  Find a Mentor.  Going it alone can be difficult that is why you need a mentor.  Having people you can turn to when you have a problem of you’re not sure what to do makes your journey much easier.

Wealthy Affiliate has help available 24/7 and the best thing is it is usually instant inside the chat room.   The developers and owners of this program are always ready and wiling to help if you have a problem.

When you research the company you have chosen make very sure that this kind of support is readily available.  Lack of support is one of the most common reasons people give up and fail.

Final Words

People fail to make money online for a reason.  They often give up without realizing success in just around the next bend.  My golden rule is ‘you only fail if you give up’.  I have also come to a point where I understand the wisdom of Winston Churchils words when he said ‘Success is not final and failure is not fatal’.

When you stay strong, stay focused and stay the course you will succeed.  We all have the potential for not just success but for greatness within us.  When we understand that and believe in ourselves we cannot fail.

I owe everything to Wealthy Affiliate.  They have trained me, supported me and celebrated with me.  If you want to work online at home and make money then you have nothing to lose by checking them out.  You can put your credit card away because you wont need it.  No hidden costs, no obligation to buy, just a genuine free offer to see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.




4 thoughts on “Common Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online – Mistakes You Can Avoid

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Shirley
    You are absolutely right, there is no magic button. It is sad that so many people are taken in by the rubbish online that get rich spinning lies to desperate people.
    I am thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate and didn’t get taken in my one of those dishonest operators. I always think of WA as the safe zone.
    Best wishes to you and if you ever find that magic button be sure to send it to me.

  2. Margaret Post author

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for you comments. I am delighted that it has helped you stay focused. sometimes that can get difficult.

  3. kevin

    this is a good site, and helps me keep focused I think, I know making money takes time , so I just keep nutting away at the niche I have. I like the way you have listed the 6 points with a brief explanation. keep up the good work. I can see this site being very useful to a lot of people

  4. Shirley

    So basically what you’re saying is that there’s no magic ‘make money now’ button. This is going to be quite the revelation for a lot of people who have been sweet-talked into believing you can just take your laptop to the beach and laze around in the sun while the money flows in effortlessly. Any kind of business requires dedication and hard work and yes, patience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest operators on the WWW who play on people’s emotions and desperation. Thanks for helping to put the world right with this great article.

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