Finding Your Niche

By | 23/06/2015


Finding Your Niche

Setting up an online business is like starting any other business really, you need a plan and you need to make decisions about things like a name for the business, what it will sell, who are your customers, how do you attract them to your site, how do you encourage them to purchase what you are offering and so on.Find Your Niche

Those who have joined Wealthy Affiliate are taken step by step through the process, but even so there are a lot of decisions to be made  before you begin.  Like a bricks and mortar shop front you need a business plan to guide you on your journey.

First things first

The very first decision you will have to make will be your niche.   What will your online business sell?  There are hundreds of products you can sell and any one of them can be profitable.  This is where your personal passion for the product you are selling comes in.

If you are passionate about what you are doing you will find it much easier to promote and to convince your customers to believe in your product and to buy it.  If you believe in what you are selling this will come across to your customers in the way you present and promote the product to them.

Trying to sell something you have no interest in or don’t really care about or believe in is not only a recipe for disaster it is also extremely difficult.

So you think you don’t know enough about what you want to sell.

Everyone of us have interests that can be turned into an online business.  It could be a passion for a sport, women’s shoes, gardening, restoring furniture, board games etc.   The list goes on and on.

The niche you choose should be something you want to learn more about.   It should be something you like to talk about, read about and are happy to research and are  passionate about and want other people to share in your passion.

You get the information on your subject by doing your research and as you learn so will your knowledge grow and Honesty Countsyou will find writing about your chosen niche will come more easily to you.

Your success will come from your own honest enthusiasm for what you are selling.  It won’t come from your glib salesmanship.

Is there anything that is different to sell?

The simple answer to that is probably not.  There is no unique opportunity that you can cash in on.  The truth is every product you can think of is being sold somewhere online or in shops.

The thing that will make your product sell is your enthusiasm and honesty.  The honesty of your portrayal of your product and what it does is most important of all.

Most people are aware that there are dishonest people trying to separate them from their cash and if you are not honest, not genuinely selling something you really believe in then it will show through in how you promote the product and you will fail.

Selecting your niche is your first step.  Whatever you decide your niche will be promote it honestly and with genuine enthusiasm.

Selecting your free website and setting it up is your second step but that comes after your niche.





6 thoughts on “Finding Your Niche

  1. Margaret Post author

    Thank you Roamy, I am really pleased my post helped you. Niche can be confusing and it wasn’t until Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate described it as ‘what people put into their search engine to find something’. They put in things like ‘make money online’ or ‘find a good thriller to read’. I think we all overthink it in the beginning but when you break it down like that it is much easier. I just wish I had been told that before I set up my website. Oh well, no problem. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate if can set up another website with the right keywords etc anyway.

    I really do hope you do well with your internet marketing and would love to hear how you are doing.


  2. roamy

    l enjoyed your post,when l started online,the word NICHE kind of confused and scared me,took me about 3 months to really understand what a niche is.
    That said, l believe there are many people out there who feel stuck when choosing a niche then take whatever comes to mind not knowing that they will have to be writing content about the niche they choose.
    You have explained so well what a niche is and how to find the right niche as an online marketer,wish l found your site when l got started.

  3. admin

    Hi Edy, A real interest in what you are talking about is very important. Margaret

  4. Edy

    Finding a niche that interests us the most is important. Some people go and choose something they don’t like, this will only result in giving up. So, we need to be passionate about certain topic(niche) before creating a website. People who have some knowledge about their niche, will more likely to succeed going forward 🙂

  5. Margaret Kennedy Post author

    Thanks Jean, you are absolutely right. Having something you re passionate about makes it easier to add content. Giving people the help they need is important too and it should always be the first consideration and a very close second is honesty. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Jean

    Many people have trouble choosing a niche. I agree with you, in that you have to be passionate about it and are willing to learn about it. You will be working with the niche everyday and writing very frequently on the topic, so, it’s important that you are interested in the subject.

    The main thing is, that you need to want to help people solve a problem they have and that has to come first, before thinking about making money. The money will come if you deliver content that your reader finds helpful.

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