What is Global Moneyline – Scam or Legit

By | 13/11/2017

There are a lot of reviews online about Global Moneyline.  Some say it is legit others say it is a scam so what is Global Moneyline?  Is it a scam or is it legit?  In this post, I will do my best to answer that question.

Global Moneyline Review

Name:  Global Moneyline

Website:  https://secure.globalmoneyline.com/

Price:  Free to join with paid levels from $20 To $500 onetime payments.

Owner:  Unknown despite a thorough search and members reviews.

Overall Rank:  50/100

Introduction to Global Moneyline

This program is designed for affiliate marketers to build their list.  You will make a commission when someone joins  Global Moneyline under you.  Despite reading reviews written by people who are members of this program there is no information about their how much their commission payment is.  Neither is there any information on their website.

Moneyline is a list building program.  Anyone who signs up under you is on your list and you can then send email to them.  I signed up for free so I could see how it all worked.  So far I have 6 people who signed up for me and I have sent them an email promoting my  #1 program Wealthy Affiliate.

What Does Paid Membership Give Me

The paid membership dictates the number of emails you can send to the mailing list you have compiled through the program.

Newbie – Free (you can message 1 person at a time on your list)

Bronze – $20 – one-time charge. (you can message 20 people at a time on your list)

Silver – $50 – one-time charge. (you can message 50 people at a time on your list)

Gold – $100 – one-time charge. (you can message 100 people at a time on your list)

Platinum – $250 – one-time charge. (you can message 250 people at a time on your list)

Diamond – $500 – one-time charge. (you can message 500 people at a time on your list)

Sending out emails one at a time can be time-consuming so upgrading to one of the paid levels makes sense.  with the Silver membership you are able to send 50 emails at a time and that is a real time saver.   As your email list grows you can join a higher membership that allows you to send out more emails.

What About The Training

When I first went into Moneyline there was a video that ran for 18 minutes.  Even though there was a lot of repetition in the video about the program it did give a rundown on how the program worked and where everything was.  At the end of the video, there was a second video mentioned but I have not been able to find it.

There is a FAQ section and a support section where you can get any issues dealt with.  The support is given by a ticket system and this does take more time than an online chatroom.

I found the training to be inadequate and would have liked less repetition about the levels of membership and more actual training on how the entire system worked.

I would not recommend this program to anyone who is not experienced. Definitely not for the newbies which is a shame as it is a way of getting the message out there and building your email list.

What Are The Pros & Cons

Every program has some pros and cons and here is what I found with Global Moneyline.

The Pros:

  • You are emailing people who are already internet marketing and are more likely to take up your offer.
  • It is an easy way to build a list and also promote your own affiliate program.
  • The people online are just like you.  They want to make money.
  • GlobalMoneyLine is a list building site where you can promote your own business.
  • It does have people signing up continuously giving you the chance to expand your promotion.
  • Has a good variety of banner ads to use.

The Cons

      • As a Free member how many times you can send out your URL is limited
      • There is no way of knowing how many people have actually read your email or clicked through to your site.
      • The majority of people on this site are there to promote their own products and even though you are spreading your product around it may be falling on deaf ears.
      • The site does not look professional.
      • There is no human face or person that claims ownership of the program.
      • I personally would not pay for any of the upgrades to send more email as I am a little wary about how long this site will be around.
      • I did not think the site was well set out or easy to follow.  Clearer instructions would make it easier.  I wasted a lot of time trying to work out what I was able to do.
      • Dubious support system.


What Benefits Does The Program Offer

The only benefit I could find was the ability to send emails to anyone who signed up after you.  In the paid versions you would not have to send the emails one at a time which can be time-consuming.

Even though you are building a list it is not one you can take away and plug into your autoresponder.  You can only use it in Global Moneyline.

Last time I checked I had 11 people sign up after me but this number does fluctuate up and down.


My Final Words

The people who sign up to Global Moneyline are already involved with their own online business.  They may be looking to make a change and willing to take a look at whatever online program you are selling.  I doubt they would be interested in buying an Amazon product from you.

Even though Global Moneyline promotes itself as a list building site you will only be able to use that list while you remain a member of their program.

Unlike Twitter, you connect directly to the email of a real person but you are still limited to 150 characters.  This does not give you a chance to actually promote your product.  The character count includes your URL so what you write is very limited.

I do not believe this site is a scam although the fact that no one is willing to put their name to the program is concerning.  They refer to themselves as the anonymous “WE”.  The site does need some work to make it more professional.

More training that is professional and less repetitive would also encourage newbies to sign up and use the program.  I am by no means a newbie but  I did find it less than user-friendly.

Using a ticket system for their support makes me think it will be a long time before I get an answer.  Unlike my #1Program that addresses your problem in less than thirty minutes.

Because you can sign up for free and use the limited version of  Global Moneyline I would be very reluctant to call it a scam.  I would be very cautious about using any of the paid versions as I feel there could be a risk that the program may not last.


Did you know you can turn your passion into a profitable online business?   It is FREE to join.  The owners, Kyle and Carson, are proud of their program and are happy to tell you who they are.  They have been around since 2005 and their program is growing every year.  Their training is second to none, easy to follow and updated regularly.  If you want to check it out just click the big red button below.

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4 thoughts on “What is Global Moneyline – Scam or Legit

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Eric,
    I totally agree with you. Everyone the emails go to are already on the site promoting their own business so maybe they could be interested if their business wasn’t going well for them and they were looking to change direction. Personally, I am like you and would prefer to build a list of people who actually agree to receive my email promotions as they are far more targeted.
    Thanks for your comment

  2. Margaret Post author

    Hi Stephen
    Thanksfor leaving your comment and sharing your thoughts. I agree that hiding the identitly of the people who own and run this program is a very big black mark against them and I would never pay any money to them to get the chance to send out more messages.
    The free sign up is a bonus and using the program to promote your website with your free membership may bring in a couple of people but honestly I think they would only come to have a look and have little interest in joining Wealthy Affiliate.
    I have now cancelled my membership with Global MoneyLine. I found it very time consuming and as I had not intention of paying for an upgrade it was not worth the effort.
    Best wishes to you

  3. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    Thanks a lot for your honest review on this program.I have heard about Global Money Line and so I decided to do some research about it. And thankfully I came across your website. You have don such a great job in reviewing this program. And I really appreciate that.

    I really appreciate it. I must be frank that I will never sign up for a program that you cannot find out the owner. I mean the owner trying to hide his identity. I think this is a red flag sign, telling anyone to be careful about Global Money Line. I am not saying though that they are a scam.

    But why will the owner hide his identity. Again, why are they not revealing to you how much you will earn for referring someone into the program.? All these are signs that makes me doubt about Global Money Line.

    It is good that they allow you to sign up for free, at least you know that you’re not going to pay anything with your credit card. So you’re a bit safe.

  4. Eric Chen

    Hello Magieken,

    After your reading your article, I will probably NEVER give Global Moneyline a shot because you don’t really know how targeted these Email Lists are.

    I much rather build my own success with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and establish my own email list that is targeted toward my own niche.

    Thanks again for the thorough review (:

    Kind Regards,

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