How To find Your Niche Using Jaaxy

By | 10/08/2015

If you are like me you probably struggled with how to find your niche.   I certainly did.  We learned to narrow our choices down.  For instance, I leaned toward making books my niche, but that was too broad and if you type books into Google you will get 3,280,000,000 and that is your competition.  Obviously not a good niche to go into when you are just starting out.  So now you are left wondering about how to find your niche using Jaaxy.

If you have read my article “How to Find Keywords For a Website” you will know how easy it is to find keywords but did you know you can find your niche in exactly the same way using Jaaxy.

First and Foremost

How to find your niche using JaaxyThe first step is to find something you love, that you are passionate about and that you love to talk about.    If you do this you will enjoy researching your subject and this will show in what you write.  I have written about this before and you can read my article at “Finding Your Niche”.

When I started I decided to do Bootcamp Training and promote Wealthy affiliate.  I did this for several reasons one of which was I really could not decide on a niche.  I was pretty much lost and that is why I want to help you now.  I would hate to see you leave Wealthy Affiliate because you could not find the right niche for you.

So narrowing your niche search down is important.  For example, maybe you are interested in dolls.  that would mean a lot of competitions but what if you decided on Shoes for Dolls or fashion shoes for dolls.  If you keep narrowing it down and doing a Google search you will find something that does not have much traffic.

How To Use Jaaxy To Search

If you put underwear for dolls into the Jaaxy  Keyword Search Bar it will bring up a list like the one below.

You can keep narrowing your search down until you find the right combination for your niche.  What you want is a high SEO score, a green KQI and a low QSR.

Finding a Nich With Jaaxy

The best option out of these three would be American girl doll outlet store.  It has an SEO of 94 and remember this score is out of 100.  The KQI is green which is very good and the QSR is only 21 while the average number of searches per month is 354 and who wouldn’t like to get 61 visits to their site in a month.

What Does It Mean

AVG –  357 – This is the number of searches this keyword will get in one month

Traffic – The number of visits you will get if you are ranked on page one of Google

QSR – Means Quoted Search Results.  This is your competition.  The number of websites using this exact keyword.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  You are more likely to get ranked in the search engines if SEO is high.

Domains – Availability of domains related to this keyword.

Brainstorm – A list of suggested keywords related to your search.


As you can see, even though Jaaxy is a keyword tool you can use it for much more than just finding keywords to help you build your successful online business.  As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can have as many websites as you want.  With a great tool like Jaaxy to help you choose a niche, keywords and even a Domain name you are well on your way to setting up a successful business. Your opportunities really are only limited by your ability to commit and to keep going.

With Jaaxy’s FREE trial offer you have nothing to lose.

I  hope this helps anyone who is coming up blank when they are looking for a niche for their online business and if I can help in any way please leave a note below.  I am always delighted to hear your comment







12 thoughts on “How To find Your Niche Using Jaaxy

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Weston,
    Jaaxy is such an awesome tool and I am delighted to have been a help to you.
    All the best to you

  2. Weston

    Very helpful post! I also had a hard time coming up with my niche. I wrote down a large list of things I’m passionate about and interested in learning more about. I was able to narrow that list down, but then I couldn’t make the final decision. I mainly used Google, but I wish I would have known about Jaaxy at the time.

    I’ve used Jaaxy to help me come up with new post ideas. It is a great tool and needed for any affiliate marketer.

    Thank you!


  3. Margaret Post author

    Hello again Jeremy,
    I apologize for my misunderstanding of your last comment. I took it that you were talking about your experience with Jaaxy and that as a result of that experience you quit WA.
    My post was to show you how to find a niche with Jaaxy and to do this I only showed the 8 results of the Jaaxy search because any more would have been irrelevent to the point I was making. I was not picking a niche for you I was showing you how Jaaxy could help you pick a niche once you had found something you considered could be a good niche for you. That is, something you are interested in and felt you could write about.
    I hope this has cleared things up a bit for you.

  4. Jeremy Hier

    thank you for your reply.

    I do have a Jaaxy account, signed up a few days before the price increase.
    The 8 keywords,
    I was referring to the 8 in your image on the post.

  5. Margaret Post author

    Hi Jeremy
    I am sorry you did not find my post helpful. You obviously signed up for a free trial of Jaaxy and that is why you only got 8 keywords. The free version is limited to just giving you a taste of Jaaxy. My post is related to the Pro version which cost $19 per month at that time. Regrettably, you have missed out on getting that version at that price for life as the price of Jaaxy was set to go up today.
    You could have used the free keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate in the same way.
    Many people struggle with finding a niche but there is plenty of help within the WA training. Here is a couple of links to training about choosing your niche that I thought you might like to check out.
    That is just two training posts that I found but a quick search of How to Choose a Niche within the Wealthy Affiliate site will bring up at least twenty training tutorials on that very subject.
    I realize when you first join WA it can be a little confusing as there is so much training apart from the actual core course that you need to follow but perseverance and patience do pay off. It certainly has for me and many others who were willing to do the hard work and stick with the program.
    I am truly sorry you did not continue with Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you every success in whatever you choose to do.

  6. Jeremy Hier

    This was not helpful in choosing a niche.
    There are only 8 keywords.
    I cancelled WA because I could not choose a niche,
    the only guidelines were, choose something you are interested in,
    and can write about for a long time.

  7. Margaret Post author

    Hi Chris,

    I think you summed it up when you said Jaaxy is a pretty awesome tool. Being able to try it for free makes it one of those everything to gain and nothing to lose offers.

    Thank you for you comment it is always appreciated.


  8. Margaret Post author

    Hi Stephan,

    When I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate I struggled with finding a niche and a good domain name. It seems when put to the test we all feel the same. We start to think ‘I know nothing’.

    You are right, every internet marketer should be considering using Jaaxy. With the trial offer of 30 free searches they can quickly see if it is what they are looking for.

    thanks for sharing your comment with me


  9. Margaret Post author

    Hi Sarah,

    Great to hear from you.

    In answer to your question a QSR under 20 would be good as long as long as it has a high avg over 100 and SEO in the high 90’s.

    I attend Jay’s Webinars every week and he has said a QSR under 300 is good. It really does depends on you. When you search your keyword with Google can you decide if you can compete with the sites using this keyword? Your ability to compete with the other sites out there is something you have to decide.

    Best wishes to you


  10. Chris

    Some great advice here for newbies to locate a niche they have some sort of interest in – VERY important to remember that you need some sort of interest in you niche otherwise failure is only around the corner…
    Jaaxy is a pretty awesome tool especially when combined with Google suggestions from their search bar. Great article!

  11. stefan

    Hi there, thanks for helping deciding in a niche using Jaaxy. Yes, we need to decide on a topic we are genuinely interested about otherwise we will be bored to death and our business will be a disaster. We also need to consider carefully is the niche is profitable and and highly sought after. I also use jaaxy to know how many people are searching in out chosen niche and I think it is an essential tool for every internet marketer.

  12. DrSarahBrewer

    I’ve started using Jaaxy more now I understand what all the terms mean, and the red amber green coding makes it easy. I seem to remember that having a QSR under 20 is desirable as that identifies which phrase will get you the best traffic. WHich indicator do you think is best? Thanks.

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