How To Make Money With A Blog

By | 11/11/2016

Not everyone who starts a blog does it to make money.  Many people use blogging to keep in touch with their family when they are traveling.  Some use a blog to record (yes and brag a little)about their children’s achievements.  Then there are those who want to know how to make money with a blog.

Become A Rich Blogger

This is what the majority of bloggers are looking for.  They recognize the opportunity to make money with their blog and the freedom that can be theirs.  The great thing about making money with a blog is that you can work anywhere you want.  On holidays, tripping around the world,  at your local coffee shop or just lazing by the pool.  All you need is an internet connection.

The most important thing you need is the wisdom to avoid the exaggerated opportunities that you will find on line. Regardless of how tempting an offer is always research it carefully before wasting your precious time and money chasing something you will never catch or even worse doesn’t exist.   You will find a lot of writing opportunities offered online but not all of them will give you what you need to make money with your blog.

If you are an accomplished writer and getting published you can get paid.   Writing is like everything else in life.  The more you do it the better you get.  This is how you become an accomplished writer and when you are  you will get the best paying jobs.

When I first started out I struggled to write articles for my blog posts.  I solved my problem by picturing the person I was writing the post for and I simply wrote to them.  I started writing letters to my imaginary friend.  Now my imaginary friend represents my target audience.

The main thing you need to know is what to avoid.

Write A Letter

Getting Started

Beginners who are learning their craft will  be doing it for free.  As the progress they will learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to find and use the right keywords.  I know, you are probably thinking what the heck is she talking about.  How am I going to learn that when I don’t even know what it means?

I was like you in the beginning but I got lucky.  The thing is I was given a free helping hand to learn about thse things.   Now it is my turn to give back and to give you a free helping hand.  Yes that’s right I will help you get started and it won’t cost you a cent.

You may ask why?

Giving Back

I have always believed in giving back.  Lend a hand where you can.  I think it is important to let people see what you are offering before putting your hand out to be paid.  This is called full disclosure. Never pay for anything that you can’t try first.

You will have seen the many opportunities that are offered but show you nothing until you pay for it.  They may offer a money back guarantee but if they truly believe in what they are selling why not let you see it for free before having to pay them?  Most of them do not have enough faith in their product.  I do have faith in my product.

I want you  to take a test drive before you decide whether you want what I have to offer you.  Giving people the chance to try it out and see what they are getting before making a decision to continue.

One thing you need to have is a blog.  This is where you will publish your articles and get them read to build your credibility.  You may be wondering what the heck you can write about on your blog.  Just pick something you are interested in.  This is called your niche and you will learn more about this when you take up my free offer.

Giving Back

Building Trust and Credibility

As you publish posts to your blog you will be creating credibility in yourself as a writer.  You will see your site rising in the Google rankings and the number of people visiting your site will increase.  When this happens it is time to monetize your blog and create an  income stream.

It is at this time that you need to spend a little to make money.  You can do this for under $50 per month.  That really is bargain when you realize the potential for a high income you have.  With this small investment you can create multiple streams of income by becoming an affiliate of companies such as Amazon.

Many are making thousands doing just this.  I have seen several people who are making over $2000 per month from their $50 investment.  There is no reason why you can’t be one of them.

Increase Your Income

You have learned a thing or two along your journey and now you can pass it on to others.  Once you are regularly posting articles  to  your website you have become the expert.  There are several services you can offer to increase your income.

Increase Income

Affiliate Marketing

Sign up with major retailers and promote their products on your website.  You will get paid a commission when you someone clicks on your ad and buys the product.  Amazon is a good starting point, they have thousands of products to choose from.

The great benefit of this is that you don’t have worry about storing the product or buying it in Amazon does all that for you.  All you need to do is promote it to your readers.

Keyword Research and SEO

When you are really good at this  large companies will employ you and pay you a lot of money for this service.

Freelance Writing

Now you have branded yourself as an accomplished writer offer your services for a fee.  There are many busy website owners that need this service and are willing to pay you for writing their blog posts for them.

Sell Products

If you are able to create a product you can sell it online.  Alternatively you can buy products and resell them online for a profit.  The downside of doing this is that you need to buy and store the products so you need some storage space.

Share your Skills Through Teaching

I do this and it does brings me extra income.  People are looking for what you have learned and sharing it is a great way to earn money.   you can teach people how to write good blog posts, how to choose the right keywords and what you know about SEO.

I Can Do That

When  you were reading through the above list did you think ‘gee I can do that’.  If you did then I can get you started to day.  Right here and right now and remember this is FREE.

Do you want your first Website?  OK. enter your preferred website name in the box below and click build it now.  Don’t worry it is not set in concrete and it is FREE

If you want to take advantage of my  offer of a Free Helping Hand then just click the button below and get started today.

Free Helping Hand

4 thoughts on “How To Make Money With A Blog

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Kirstin,

    Thank you for your kind words. Honesty is the most important thing you can bring to your business. It does not take people long to work out if you are telling lies and once they do you are really done for.

    Success does take a lot of work and commitment so you need to have a strong will to succeed. Education also plays a big part and at Wealthy Affiliate we are being taught by the experts.

    As you said some days are hard but then every now and then the sun breaks through and you can see your way again. Keep at it. We only ever fail when we stop trying.

    All the best


  2. Margaret Post author

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for your comment. Site Rubix is a good place to start but the most important thing is learn how it all works. I spent a long time trying to make money blogging and getting nowhere. It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate and took up their free offer that I started to see real results. Education is what counts the most and WA gives you that in spades.

    All the best to you


  3. Darren

    Blogging on the internet is one of the best ways of making money. Granted, it’s not easy and it requires a lot more time then people make it out to be. Furthermore, if you don’t write English too well I know people are more likely to bolt from your website.

    Blogging is all about recognition just like writing a regular book, people need to trust you at the end of the day. That’s where the money for blogging is located.

    Siterubix looks like it could be a decent place for web hosting I’ll give it a look.

  4. Kristin

    I so appreciate this post. I’ve been slowly building my blog and learning lots of lessons on the way. It is like climbing a mountain some days, you never think you’re going to get to the top. I’ve had a lot of discouraging days when I feel like I won’t ever make the kind of money I want to. Then some days, I have rays of sunshine and make a lot of progress. I really like your site for the honesty that you present. This is not a business to take on lightly. You must be willing to put in the work to achieve the rewards. I look forward to following your blog and reading more. Thanks again for the great post.

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