How To Set Goals & Achieve Them

By | 06/03/2017

Setting goals in life is important, setting goals in business is vital.  Today I want to talk about how to set goals & how you can achieve them.

How To Set Goals & How To Achieve Them

Setting goals affects outcomes in four ways: Choice: Goals narrow attention and direct efforts to goal-relevant activities, and away from goal-irrelevant

Importance of Setting  Goals

Without goals in life or business, we would just drift aimlessly from day to day and often from crisis to crisis.

When you ask yourself the following questions the answers will be your goals for your business

  • Why have you set up your business?
  • What do you want from your business?
  • When do you want it?
  • How will you get it?

Every Business Needs Five Things

  • Profitability.  The primary goal of any business is to be profitable.  The goal is to maximize profit and minimize costs.
  • Growth.  This goal deals with branding and building trust to ensure the business grows so it can meet the first goal of profitability.
  • Customer Retention.   Getting your customers to keep coming back is also a goal of any business.  This goal is closely related to profitability and growth
  • Customer service. To keep your customers coming back you need to offer the kind of service they want
  • Efficiency.   This efficiency of the business is important to all the above goals.  Delayed or lost orders, slow service, mistakes will impact on all your goals

The goals above are all dependent on each other and will ultimately lead to the steady growth of your business as each goal is met.  Any store, whether it is a corner store or online business the same business practices apply.   The only difference between and online store and a bricks and mortar store is the cost.  The online store costs much less to set up and to run.

How to Set Business Goals

How To Set Goals & How To Achieve Them

1.     You are a unique individual and your goals should a be original and related to what you want to achieve in your business.  Even when your goals are similar to other businesses they are uniquely your goals.  They are yours and they relate closely to you and what you want.    Put your own personality into your goals and make them original.

2.    Set realistic goals.  Don’t set unrealistic goals that you cannot achieve.  Be honest with yourself.  Often it is better to set short-term goals that you can achieve quickly.  Reaching those short-term goals gives you that wonderful sense of achievement that will keep you focused on reaching your next goal.

3.    Set goals that inspire you.  If you are passionate about your goal you will work harder to reach it.

4.    Put a time limit on achieving your goals.  This will make you work harder to achieve the result you want.  Without a time-frame, there is no sense of urgency and you can just drift on and on.  There is no motivation to get it done.

5.    Visualize your goals.  This is a great source of motivation for you.  Your goals will become more realistic and achievable, pushing your forward to your desired outcome.

6.    Let your goals reflect your own ideals.  What are your beliefs about the environment, family, religion, education and ethics.  Ensure your goals embrace and are in harmony with your beliefs and principals.

7.    Your goals need to be compatible with each other.  It is no use setting a goal for your business that will prevent you achieving other goals you have set.  Goals should be like the chain.  They should all link together naturally with nothing missing or out of place.

8.     Avoid being rigid in setting your goals.  Flexible goals give you room to move.  In business, when you are seeing steady progress toward your goal but have gone past your time limit it does not mean you have failed.   If you can see you are progressing you know you can achieve that goal.

9.    In any business, your goals should always include honesty and integrity.  Your first goal should be a mission statement about how your business will be conducted and what is the purpose.  It is important to remember that the most important people in your business are your customers.  Without honesty and integrity, you have no customers.  Without customers, you have no business.

10.   Finally, keep a written list of your goals.  Read your list regularly to keep your goals fresh in your mind.


 Set Goals , Achieve goals

Final  Word

Learning how to set goals and achieve them is the first step to achieving the business success you are looking for.   Giving yourself something tangible to work toward helps you to focus.

We can all reach our goals in life and in business.  If you have the passion needed to focus on the outcomes you want, the drive to work toward achieving them, you can succeed at anything.  Your positive outlook and motivation will guide you to overcoming any challenges that you are confronted with.  Positive thinking, determination and a passion for your business will guide you to success.

If you have any question or comments about this post I would love to hear from you. Be sure to leave me a note below.


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6 thoughts on “How To Set Goals & Achieve Them

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Simon,

    I do set goals but lately, am having trouble meeting them.  There have been a lot of distractions and I find myself getting hung up on other things that need to be done.

    Being organized is half the battle so I am currently getting into reorganizing my time to try to fit everything in so I can get back to setting and meeting goals.  Without having a clear destination and defined steps to reach that destination it is far too easy to get sidetracked.

    Thanks for your comment.


  2. Simon

    Hi Margaret,
    This is such a well written and interesting post regarding setting goals and achieving them. It’s something I never gave a thought in my previous job unless of course I did this subconsciously however since starting my affiliate marketing career I learnt how powerful this technique is to keep pushing you forward in order to achieve success.

    I have a long term goal to which I would love to achieve, haven’t we all – ha!

    What spurs me on however is setting monthly, weekly and daily goals, it’s amazing how much work you can accomplish this way.

    I never finish a day’s work until my goal is achieved therefore by the end of the week and month my work has been implemented and goals have been completed. Surprised me how powerful this technique is but like you say, goals are unique to each and every person and you have to be honest about them, not set yourself goals too highly yet complete what goals you put in place.

    Do you set monthly, weekly and daily goals?

  3. Margaret Post author

    Hi Simon,

    You are right,goals in life are important. Even as children we set goals for passing our exams, making friends, playing sport and so on. As we mature we make life goals and finally we plan for our old age and set goals for coping with whatever comes.

    In business if we don’t have a plan and set goals we are simply setting ourselves up for failure.

    All the best to you .


  4. Margaret Post author

    Hi Habil

    Thank you for your comment.

    To answer your questions, I think some people have unrealistic expectations when they first start any business and they set the goal posts too high to start then when they don’t reach that goal they give up.

    Unrealistic goals about the amount of money they will make in the first month of setting their business up. This is why scam offers do so well. They promise huge amounts of money as soon as you sign up and people fall for it.It is best to start with small achievable goals to start because when you achieve a goal it gives you a sense of achievement and you set the next goal higher.

    I think the answer is common sense. If you set your goals too low then you risk underachieving if you set them too high you risk not ever reaching them. Just ask yourself ‘Am I being realistic to expect to be a million dollar business in six months?’ My answer to that would be no but if your answer is yes then go for it and I wish you all the best.

    Only you know what you are capable of, what you are willing to put into your business to achieve success how hard you are willing to work, how much money you are able to invest in your business promotions etc and when you know that you can then be realistic about your goals.

    Many an my very best wishes to you.


  5. Simon

    Goals, goals, goals – so important for every aspect of our lives, aren’t they? Inspiring article this is, kudos for that!

    Like you mentioned, setting goals in one’s business is vital and the five aspects listed in terms of what every business needs are well-thought. We all focus mainly on profitability, while customer service and retention clearly hold more value.

    Keep producing informative articles like this one, I’m sure others will appreciate them as well!

  6. A Habil

    Hi thanks Margaret for these golden words of advice.
    I found this really inspiring.

    However, may I ask you, how do you define ‘realistic’?
    How do I know whether I am being ambitious or being unrealistic? Do you have any way to measure the achieveable target?

    I thank you in advanced for anseering these questions.

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