How To Write Amazing Headlines That Will Get Clicked

By | 21/07/2016

If you struggle with  writing  headlines for your blog posts then you are not alone.

If you are  not getting the traffic or the clicks you want then the problem could be your headline. Your post title or headline is the first thing people see and you need to know  how to write amazing headlines that will get clicked.  First impressions are important and they do count.

How To Write Amazing Headlines

First Impressions Do matter

The very first thing anyone will see on Google search is your title and your meta description.  If this doesn’t capture them they will move on to  a title that does.  Your page title or headline needs to stand out from the crowd and grab  attention.  If if isn’t doing that then it isn’t working and you will be missing out on traffic to your site.  Without traffic there are no clicks.

When you are searching Google for information you only click on sites that have something in their title or meta description  that grabs your attention.  The title may raise your curiosity or promise to solve a problem you have.  It is your emotional response that makes you click on the link and visit the site.  That is why your headline or page title needs to create an emotional response in the people who see it. Those people are just like you and will respond to a title that creates  an emotional response in them.

Headlines ShouldHow To Write Amazing Headlines

  • Grab attention and create an emotional response
  • Curiosity or the answer to a problem to encourage people to take action
  • Drives  more clicks through to you post
  • Great headlines drive search engine ranking and SEO

 Know Your Customers

If you really know your target audience then you know what they are looking for.  Perhaps they are looking for a better way to keep the weeds out of their garden, how to use a humane mouse trap or get their kids to eat vegetables.  The point is if you know this you know how to reach out to them with a solution to their problem.

By putting yourself in your target audience’s  shoes you can use what you would do under the same circumstances and use that knowledge to reach out to them and give them what they are looking for.  Ask your self what would you do if your child refused to put vegetables in his mouth?  What would you do if you found out your child was a bully?  What would you do to stop fruit bats raiding your fruit trees?  What would you do to save your marriage?  The questions will relate to your niche of course but you get the idea don’t you?

When you understand who your target audience is then you will understand what they are looking for and the best way to reach them.  You can create a headline that grabs their attention and makes them want to know more.

What A Headline Needs

A headline is  a multi purpose tool that does a variety of very important jobs.  It encourages people to click through to your article by arousing in them an emotional response such as curiosity or simply relief like, ‘thank goodness I’ve found the answer’.  A title that asks a question such as Did You Know __________?  will get traffic to you site because people have been looking for the answer.  Once they are there of course you have to be able to give them the answer and keep them interested.  Getting them there is only the first step.

Your headline will need words that are uncommon as well as some common words.  You use these words to build your headline around the power and emotional words.

A headline needs keywords  to boost your ranking in the search engines.  Keywords need high traffic and low competition that you know you can compete with.   This is  basic SEO.

Headlines Make A Promise

Keep Your Promise

Your headline must make a promise.  If you say you are going to reveal a secret then when people who click through to your post it must keep that promise and deliver on the promise and reveal your secret.   If it doesn’t then those people will not be coming back again.

If someone comes to your site because you have promised to solve a problem  then your post has to honor that promise and deliver that solution.  Getting traffic to your site is not about trickery it is about providing what your title has promised.

To create curiosity and the desire to find out more you headline needs to use words that create an emotional response in your reader.  These words are called emotion or power words because they can  create emotion and  pack a punch in your headline.

Valuable Tools That Help

Getting your headline right takes time.  Headlines are not some quirky little platitude you dash off and hope for the best.  It takes research and some tools to help you find the best keywords.  You may need word lists that you can use to find the words that will evoke emotion and give power etc to your headline.

You are probably already using a keyword tool but if not there are a lot of keyword tools online.  I have been using Jaaxy but if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate then they have a perfectly good keyword tool included in their membership.  If you are not a member why don’t you take advantage of their free sign up offer and check it out.

One tool that I have found for creating headlines is CoShedule.  It is free to use and I do recommend you try it out the next time you are creating a headline for your blog post.

To get words that help create the  emotional response you are looking for, that  have power, are uncommon or are common words then you will  find them  here at  CoShedule. This word list is free.


  • It is really important to know who you are trying to reach with your posts and to write for that target audience.
  • You need to make sure you deliver on the promise you make in your headline.
  • Make sure your headline has strong keywords
  • Use words that have power
  • Use emotional trigger words
  • Check out CoSchedule

I hope this post helps you write awesome headlines that attract more traffic and better ranking for your site.  If you have any questions please let me know by leaving a message below.  I would also love to receive any comments you may have about this post.


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4 thoughts on “How To Write Amazing Headlines That Will Get Clicked

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Chris

    Jaaxy is reasonable and does much more than find keywords. I think you will be impressed when you try it out.

    I’m a skimmer like you and I know what you mean. I tend to read only what grabs me and if it lets me down then that is it. I don’t read any further. You should never say you are going to do something and then not follow through.

    Thanks for you comment it is always appreciated.


  2. Chris

    I agree with you. Your headline must be attention grabbing.

    I am one of those people that like to skim through material when reading. The only way I stop is if I see something interesting. A link with some unusual words in it is one attention grabbing way.

    I will have to try out Jaaxy. The pricing is very reasonable for this type of keyword tool.

  3. Margaret Post author

    Hi Nicole,

    I am glad my site has helped you. Building an online business is a big learning curve for most of us and I am happy to share what I learn.

    My very best wishes to you


  4. Nicole

    Wow, love your website! I found this article very interesting about making headlines stand out because of first impressions being so important. I know this is true as well. Thanks for teaching us the importance of the headlines because I am sure many of us do not know about this. Keep up the good work and educating people like me about this.

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