Is Affilorama A Scam

By | 05/06/2015

The Site I am reviewing is AffiloramaIs Affilorama A Scam


Cost: $1 for 30-day trial and then $67  month

Owner: Mark Ling

My overall rank:  7 out of 10


Mark Ling is the owner of Affilorama since it’s inception in  2005.  Mark Ling has had success in the past with products such a ‘Jamorama’ and ‘Rocket Piano’.  With Affilorama he has taken a totally different direction and has based it on the training of Affiliates.

There are several different levels of membership, each including training, you can choose from.  All training deals with everything you need from setting up a fundamental website to promotional techniques that are quite advanced.

You don’t need to have prior knowledge about building your website, managing the content, hosting or marketing.  It is all in the training that is part of Affilorama

 What are the Pros?

For $1 you get 30 days trial offer and then it is $67 per month.

You also have the option of paying for 3ears

You will have access to one of the largest affiliate marketing communities

There is a lot of easy to follow training with educational resources including software applications

The training 120 videos and Webinars are not difficult to follow and understand

What are the Con’s?                      

The Basic program is very limited when compared to the paid programs.

Choosing the right program is difficult as there are far too many options.

Some of the information given to you is incorrect and could actually harm your business.

The costs do not end with your $67 per month.  Then come the up-sells and offerings which can become very expensive.

Getting the support you need when you need it is simply not available.  You cannot connect to Mark Ling and even though there is a support team your answers can be very slow in coming.
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Who Can Benefit from  The Affilorama Program

Affilorama is meant for anyone who wants to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer.  There are a number of levels to choose from and each one has relevant training.  The training ranges from setting up a fundamental website to advanced promotional techniques.

No prior knowledge is required in areas like website building, creating your content, hosting your site and marketing your site.

The basic membership includes training videos, online tools and step by step instruction as well as some software apps like site ranking and analysis tools for you to use.

At the Premium level there is additional training and  videos.  There are also interviews with successful internet Entrepreneurs.  Premium level also includes content created for your chosen niche.

Affilorama Jetpack is the customized website creation and hosting package  included in additional tools.  Affilorama Theme is also another version of that service.

All of these will be discussed below.


Will You Get Support From Mark Ling?Long Tail Keywords

The simple answer to that question is an emphatic NO, in all probability you won’t get your answer form Mark Ling.  However, you will have the support of the community members but this can be a two edged sword.  Some of the community are free members and many are learning just like you.  They are not experts.  Even though they really want to help and have the best of intentions the information is not always helpful.

You have access to Forums and Message boards but quite often your questions are not answered for several days.  If you are like me when you have a problem you want an answer now not in three days time.

What is The Real Cost of Affilorama?

OK, so you know it costs $67 per month for premium membership but then Affilorama has product offerings and     up sells withing their programs and this is where it can get quite expensive.  Your monthly payment only covers the core offering of training, software, limited hosting and forum access.

Personally if I am going to pay $67 per month for a product I expect it to have all it’s wheels when I get it.  I certainly do not expect to be buying bits and pieces that I need to make it work.  But heck, that’s just me.

 What Is It Really About?

As a Premium Member you will get:

  • Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide
  • Downloadable Road map to Success
  • 120 Video Lessons

The training answers a lot of the questions new affiliate marketers ask such as


  • how does affiliate marketing work?
  • How do you get started?
  • What are the traps?
  • Is affiliate marketing still possible.

Some of the training is very good but there are some serious flaws that could actually have an adverse affect on your business.

Affilorama Backlinking Training

There is a big problem with this training as Google does not like backlinks and this could result in you losing your entire business ranking.  What worked it 2012 does not work now and backlinks can  be HARMFUL TO YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS.

Also in the Premium package Private Label Rights (PLR) is being promoted.  This is an outdated and definitely wrong strategy and it will lead you to content marketing failure.

PLR is a thoroughly bad idea.

What about Affilorama Premium Tools?

In brief, there are 15 tools available withing the premium membership and some are useful and some that simply give you meaningless data.  An example is Trusted Site Tool.  It analyzes the page rank (PR) in Google.  This is an outdated metric and does not indicate that a site is ‘trusted’ in Google.  The affiliate marketing world is rapidly evolving and it is quite clear that a lot of the tools offered in Affilorama are not keeping up to date.

There is also a tool called Social Snoop.  It finds social sites where you can get backlinks.  This is and irrelevant marketing technique and has been since 2012.  Affilorama really does need to bring it’s training tools up to day because they are actually doing harm to some online businesses.

What about the up-sells?

As I said before when I buy something I want it ready to go, I don’t want to have to buy stuff to make it work  properly for me.

Upsale #1  AffiloBlueprint3.0 Membership at a cost of $197.

Upsale #2 AffiloJetPack Membership at a cost of $497

Upsale #3 Affilotheme at a cost of $97

All of these upsales come with extra training and benefits but I ask you, What are you paying $67 a month for.

So What is my Opinion of Affilorama?

I believe if you have the knowledge to avoid the bad advice then it could be a good place to learn but honestly it is not the best place to get what you want.

How Would I Sum It Up?

IT IS NOT A SCAM. In fact I really think the biggest problem with it is the fact that the owner is too busy with other projects to make sure everything he is offering is actually current .  That it works and is in the best interests of the people who are trusting him and handing over their hard earned cash.

Final Product Overview.

Name: Affilorama

Sales Page:

Owner: Mark Ling

My Rating: 7out of 10

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2 thoughts on “Is Affilorama A Scam

  1. admin

    Thank you for your comment Akoli. I really hate to see people being misled and paying for something that may ultimately lead to their failure.
    There are so many people being scammed and not just on the internet but also on the phone and in the mail as well and it makes me very angry. It pays to research anything you are thinking of putting money into thoroughly.

  2. Akoli

    I’ve never heard of this product but your well-written review certianly gives me the idea to go there and check. Thanks for influencing people so much with your writing.

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