Is Empower Network Scam? or Legit?

By | 13/08/2015

When I first looked at Empower Network my very first question was is Empower Network a scam or Legit and it was probably yours too so here is my personal review of this site.

Name:  Empower NetworkIs Empower Network Scam or Legit


Price:  $25 per month + $19.95 to sell + Upsells

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall Rank:   30 out of 100

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is an MLM site that uses Pyramid selling which is illegal in Australia and the U.S and is probably why it is based in Costa Rica and using a U.K Payment system.

Pyramid selling means you recruit people and you get paid for some of your recruits.  This is called a Pass Up system and it is so complicated I doubt if you would ever really know if you were getting all the commissions you were entitled to.

The blogging network they use is Kalatu and you have minimal control over your site.  There are very few themes or plugins to choose from and you will find your blog has a lot of Empower Network banners that you cannot delete.

Do they offer training?

They do offer training but it is very basic for the starter.  Most of their training is based on upsells.  It is about how to push their upsells and if you don’t buy them you can’t sell them.

So what are the upsells and what do they cost?

Price: $25.00/month ( Kalatu Blogging) basic
$100/month inner circle
$500 Top Producer Formula (one-time payment)
$1000 Team Building Formula (one-time payment)
$3500 Mass Influence Formula (one-time payment)

Do I get any support?

The only support you will get is for your website.  If you are lucky and the person you bought off has enough knowledge then you might get the help you need but if they are a beginner and do not have the knowledge then you will get no support whatsoever.

So what are the Pros and Cons?


1)  If you the money to fund the upsells and if you can hard sell and recruit then you just might make some money.

2) The website support is good


1)  The initial training is very basic

2) There is no help if you have any questions.

3)  the commission plan is extremely confusing and would be very difficult (read impossible?) to sell to your prospects.

5)  The upsells are constantly being pushed onto you and they are very expensive which would, in turn,  make the very difficult to sell on to anyone.

6)  Your marketing and design on your site are very limited on Kalatu.

7)  The constant hype is very annoying.

Who is Empower Network for?

You will have to forgive me here, my first thought was, ‘snake oil salesman’.  It is certainly NOT for beginners.  It may be for those people who have lots of money they can afford to risk and who are very experienced in network marketing.

If you are reluctant to annoy people with constant hype and hard sell techniques then I would recommend, run as far and as fast as you can from Empower Network.

A Word to the Wise.

For those who don’t know what pyramid selling is it is a scheme designed to make the people at the top very rich because that is where the bulk of the money ends up.  I would like to say here I am not against people trying to make a profit out of a business they have started and risked their own savings on but I do strongly object to them taking advantage of other people and ripping them off.


Remember pyramid selling is illegal in many countries including Australia Empower Network Scam or Legitand the United States and if you decided to risk joining the Empower Network then you need to check the legality of it in your country.

This may not be a SCAM as such but it is borderline and might even be illegal.


If you want a genuine site where you can trial it for free, get multiple websites and hosting and in-depth comprehensive training in affiliate/internet marketing and very good support with absolutely no upsells then you need to see my Number One site.

Is Empower Network Scam? or Legit?





2 thoughts on “Is Empower Network Scam? or Legit?

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi JP,
    Thanks for your comment and I am pleased you are not going there. MLM/Pyramid schemes are not good things to be in. In fact Pyramid schemes are illegal in some countries.
    Best of luck to you and if you are looking for an honest site where you can learn everything you need to know to succeed then you should check out my post about Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. JP

    Hi Margaret.

    Thank you for the review.
    I am constantly looking for new opportunities and it is always good to see an honest review of a product.

    I will be sure not to even look at this one.

    Thank you.

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