Is The Million Dollar Blueprint A Scam

By | 05/08/2016

Is the Million Dollar Blueprint A Scam?  That is the question I would like to answer today for anyone looking into joining this program.

Million Dollar Blueprint

Tai Lopez

Name: Million Dollar Blueprint


Price: $67+

Owner: Tai Lopez

Overall Rank: SCAM

Who Is Tai Lopez?

In 2000 Tai Lopez started out with GE.  An honest and very reputable company.  From there it seems to have been downhill all the way as he started on his own wealth building enterprises.

Tai started Elite Global Dating in 2008.  This dating site has had numerous complaints.  Here is just one of those complaints that was received by Better Business Bureau:

Subscription cancelled in December and credit card billed in January
I subscribed to this service in Sept. and no one ever answered me so I cancelled my subscription in December 2013 and my credit card was billed in January. I have sent emails and called the company and left a message with no response.

Tai Lopez has a history of fraudulent businesses and if you are considering signing up to Million Dollar Blueprint the question you need to ask yourself is, ‘does a leopard change his spots?’.

His introductory video is full of platitudes and the usual rags to riches story that most of these sites who promise huge returns will tell you.  He goes on with several borrowed quotes that are pretty much meaningless.  He demonstrates his Pyramid of Wealth and focuses on the emotions experienced when you are in debt or only just managing your finances.  He also goes on about how good it feels to go through each stage of his Pyramid.  It is meant to stir you emotionally and make you grab for your wallet.

His video below is full of hype and fluff and has no substance whatsoever.

When You Sign Up

There is very little substance for your $67 and when he offers his Monthly Mentor Calls be aware you will be paying extra for these.  Tai neglects to mention this anywhere.

If you were thinking of trying it and getting your money back if it wasn’t what you wanted then forget it.  You will not get your money back.  There is no guarantees here.

He will sell you his EBook for $67 and it is not even his.  He has taken this EBook and did a little surgery on it but it is plagiarized and his surgery did not improve it in any way.  The original was written by Jac Canfield and the title of the original is ‘The Success Principles”  It is available online for a lot less and has not been messed up by Tai.

Is This A Scam

I guess it depends on what you would call a scam.  If you are willing to  pay $67 for very little substance and a lot of hype then it isn’t a scam but if you want some substance and good training that will help you to make money then yes it is a scam.

Tai talks about reading a book a day and he does talk about some very good books that are good value for money.  Not written by Tai.  To me, that is pretty much the only substantial benefit  you will get out of this program.



I would not advise anyone to spend money on anything Tai Lopez is associated with.  I think his reputation speaks for itself.  Very few people make millions of dollars online  and you need to be very careful of anyone who says you can.  Of course you can make money but it takes a few things that Tai and many others do  not offer and the main thing is education.  He is not giving you any of that.

There are a number of genuine sites online where you can get the education you are looking for and deliver on their promises.

If you are serious about learning how to make money online  there are three things you must have. 

  • Quality Education
  • Expert support
  • A Website


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6 thoughts on “Is The Million Dollar Blueprint A Scam

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Warren,

    thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to leave a comment.

    I am like you and get angry at these obvious ripoffs because people will fall for them.  Desperation is a driving force for many people and that is why I promote Wealthy Affiliate.   The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are honest and don’t try and push upsells on anyone.  They are always there to help when you need them and are genuine honest young men. 

    All the best to you.


  2. Warren

    Great review. I’m grateful for the warning. I hate sites that have the rags to “I bought a Lamborghini” scenario. However, there are people out there that buy this drivel, driven by desperation. Thanks for outing a guy that just goes from scheme to scheme. The only one who makes any money is Tai.

  3. Margaret Post author

    Hi Irma,

    You are right it is sad. I think some people just don’t use their common sense when they get caught up in some of these scams. The get promised wealth and luxury living and they fall for it. The truth is there is no easy way or instant way that we can get those things. We have to do the work to get the rewards.

    I hate scams because a lot of the people who fall for it are desperate and just want help. Unfortunately it is not a perfect world.

    All the best to you.


  4. Irma

    This is a program I haven’t heard about before. Another one to the list of scams. Thank you for the information and the heads up. It is very sad to see how they keep making these programs and people fall for them. Thank you again for telling it like it is.

  5. Margaret Post author

    Hi Ben,

    Before parting with one cent of your hard earned money you need to do your research. Tai does not tell you all the truth so it is hard to find out anything by listening to him so you need to read all the reviews you can about him.

    The book Tai claims to have written is available in its original form online at Booktopia. It is called ‘The Success Principles’ and was written by Jac Canfield.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate and am endlessly grateful that I did.


  6. Ben

    Ugh. I have heard about this program somewhere, and was always wondering about it and wanting to look into it. Now i know not to. Why should I pay sixty seven bucks for a messed up eBook that he isn’t even the original author of? I’m sure there are much cheaper ebooks out there.

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