Is This Free To Join Offer Legit

By | 28/08/2016

Have you ever signed up for a free trial offer and been asked for your credit card details or found it actually cost you a couple of dollars?  I certainly have.  It ended up costing me $69 dollar at the end of the trial period.  After that experience, I realized why so many people were asking me ‘Is this free to join offer legit?’ so I thought it was time to disclose a few facts on the genuine and non-genuine free offers you are getting.

Join FreeThe Facts

There are a lot of programs that will tell you they are free to join.  Some actually will be but if they ask you for any credit card details run.  This is not so they can pay you those massive amounts of money they say you will earn.  It is more likely that they will hit you hard for the upgrade to paid membership and you won’t know a thing about it until you get your credit card statement.

Asking for your Credit Card details before signing you up to a free offer is definitely something you should be wary of.  Free means it costs nothing not even one dollar.   Be sure to read the offers disclosure statement before parting with a cent.  You will probably find a lot of things in it that will contradict all the promises that were made to get you to sign up for that almost free membership.  The disclosure statement is often in print so tiny you can’t read it but don’t give up.  There is a 15-second video below if you don’t know how to enlarge the print so you can read it.

The only saving grace with these types of barely honest programs it ClickBank.  If you signed up for the program through ClickBank then you can contact them and get your money back.  I have tried to find information on how long ClickBank gives you to pull out of a program and still get your money back but could not find that information.  I assume it would depend on the program you bought.  If they promised a 60-day guarantee money back then you would have to notify ClickBank within that time.  That is how I got my $69 back.

Did You Know

The disclaimers on many programs are so tiny you are barely able to see it much less read it and this tends to make us give up and move on or sign up anyway.  My advice is don’t do it.  You can enlarge the print so you can read it quite easily.

In the top right-hand corner of your computer screen, you will see three black lines.  When you click on them you will get a drop down menu and this is where you will find the option to enlarge what is on your screen.  Just press the plus sign as in the video below.  After reading the disclaimer you can go back to the size print your normally use by pressing the minus sign.

Is This Free To Join Offer Legit

Genuine Free Offer

If the free offer is genuine it will not ask for your credit card details.  Be very wary of any program that does.

When you are offered something for free then it should actually be free.  Don’t fall for the free offer that only costs a couple of dollars.  It is not free at all and could end up costing you the farm.  They are probably letting you in for that tiny wee price so they can get their hands on your credit card details.

If you start signing up for something and they want to know more details than you are comfortable giving then you can walk away.  Never disclose anything you don’t want to.  Any sites that ask for lots of details for a free trial are not to be trusted and no matter how good you think the offer is just walk away.

A genuine free offer will ask you for the bare minimum of details.  These will include your name, email address, username and password.  The user name and password is for you to access their program and trial it for free.

My number one recommended program will never ask you for your credit card details unless, after your free trial you choose to upgrade to Premium membership to get the full program.

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Is This Free Offer LegitI always love to get comments from those of you who have the time to leave them and I always answer all comments and questions so be sure to leave me a note below if you have any questions or doubts about this offer.





8 thoughts on “Is This Free To Join Offer Legit

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Marcus,

    Without the Wealthy Affiliate free trial I would not be here now. This is not only the most honest program around today it is also the best place to get the right training needed to succeed. Others promise but Wealthy Affiliate actually delivers on the the promise.

    There are so many people here who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for years and have built hugely successful businesses. That is the greatest recommendation any business can ever get.

    Best wishes


  2. Margaret Post author

    Hi Kym,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right of course, never give credit card details. They don’t need them if it really is free and no strings attached.

    All the best


  3. Marcus

    It’s really great that there is a free trial. It’s so important to be able to try something like this out to see if it’s right for you or not. It won’t be right for everyone, but it will be right for a lot of people wanting to start their own online business. All they need to do is give it an honest try and see if they can make it work for them.

    If something doesn’t have a free trial, I am usually skeptical. It means they don’t want you to see inside it.

  4. Kym

    You’ve hit the nail on the head here! Great post, thanks! There are so many scammy things on the internet these days and they often ask for credit card details, and for me that’s a “no brainer”, don’t give them any information. You’ve got great information here on how to avoid scams!

  5. Margaret Post author

    Hi Jonel,

    Thank you for commenting on my post. Your comments are always greatly appreciated.

    I am delighted you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate. It is far and away the best training in building your own online business and earning an income online that I have ever found. The member are always there to help and support you and you can always get an answer from one of the owners, Kyle of Carson.

    My very best wishes to you and if I can ever help you please drop me a note.


  6. jonel

    Hello margaret , i Joined wealthy affiliate not so long ago and it is so far a very great experience, everybody is willing to help , the training is so great , i have learned so much so far and make a lot of progress in my journey with wealthy affiliate

  7. Margaret Post author

    Hi Ido,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment for me.

    As you say most people do understand that free means no credit card details required but because so many sites ask for those details anyway people are wary of free offers. I have been asked a number of times by people who are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, ‘How do I now I won’t get charged as soon as I sign up’. That is why I wrote this post. I wanted people to understand when we say free at Wealthy Affiliate we actually mean free.

  8. Ido Barnoam

    I think it’s very important to post posts like the one you just written.
    All though for some people it might be intuitive that “free” means no credit card details are needed, I’m sure that there are many others which are new to the online world which might not know these sorts of things, so posts like these are essential to have the basic principles in place.

    Thank you!

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