Mack Michael’s Millionaire Society – Is It a Scam

By | 04/02/2017

Product Being Reviewed:  Millionaire Society

Owner: Mack Michaels?

Price:  7day trial $4.95 followed by $97 per month

My Rating: 0/100

What Is Millionaire Society

Binary Options Trading.  According to Wikipedia this is considered a form of gambling and has been banned in some jurisdictions.

‘A binary option is a financial option, banned by regulators in many jurisdictions as a form of gambling,[1] and many binary option outlets have been exposed as scams.’    Wikipedia

Consider This

  • Binary Options Trading has not only been banned is some places many have been exposed as scams. I have no reason to believe Millionaire Society is not one of those scams.
  • You have probably noticed the question mark after the name of the owner of Millionaire Society.  I added it because it seems the owner’s name has changed.  He was previously known as Brad Marshal.  Of course, he may be a sensitive new age kinda guy who got married and took his wife name but I doubt that very much.
  • I was unable to find a positive review online for this program.
  • When you log onto their page you will be greeted with a promo of the site.  You will be told they don’t make any promises about how much money you can make and the go on to tell you how they have paid out 7,042 774.72.
  • When you scroll down the page you will find a disclaimer telling you there is no guarantee about the amount of money you will make.

What Others Are Saying

I was tempted to sign up for the $4.95 trial but after reading a number of negative reviews decided against it.  This site, like many other, has plenty of fake testimonials.  These testimonials can be bought at  for a few dollars

Below is just o few of the people who will do fake video testimonials for as little as $6

Mack Michaels Millionaire Society

You may have seen some of these people telling you how wonderful a program is.  This is just one row of people willing to give a fake testimonial.  If you would like to see for yourself how many are willing to do this just go to  and check it out.

Don’t Waste Your Money

Millionaire Society has all the earmarks of a scam.  you may think “heck it’s only $5 to check it out” but a lot of people have lost a lot more than that.  They have put their money into it and lost it. They then put more money in to try to get back what they lost.  Don’t take risks with your hard earned cash.

There are some honest sites online that will help you achieve an online income but Millionaire Society is not one of them.

Summing Up

I have been affiliate marketing for more years than I care to remember and like many other people I have lost money to less than honest programs.  Finally, after all that time I have found a program that delivers on their promises.  You can too, just click on the big green box below and have a free look around.

If you have any question of would like to make a comment I would love to hear from you so be sure to drop me a note below.


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