The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

Finding the best keyword tool for SEO will give you the leg up you need to rank number one in the search engines.  That is what every successful internet marketer is doing and it all starts with a keyword tool you can depend on.  Settling for second best won’t get you the ranking you are… Read More »

Operation 10K Review

This Operation 10K Review will look at whether the program gives you the education needed to build an online income or is it another scam?     What is the program about and who is it for?  Is this program more hype than honesty? By the end of this review, you will have the answers to the… Read More »

5LINX Review

It is very easy to get caught up in the hype and unrealistic promises that are the advertising format for all MLM programs.   The program I am reviewing is one of those programs that make big promises but the question is do they deliver on those promises?  Read my 5Linx review and see what… Read More »

What Is Stopping You Being Successful

What Is Stopping You Being Successful? Have you noticed how many people spend their lives with their noses pressed up against the window watching others succeed?  Have you ever wondered why?  Every day they read that anyone can succeed, how easy it is and yet something stands in their way.   So what is stopping… Read More »

Keyword Planner Tool

Choosing a Keyword Planner Tool to skyrocket your SEO and put you on page one of the search engines is not nearly as hard as you may think.  My number one keyword tool is Jaaxy.  I signed up for the free trial and have been there ever since.  Now the new Jaaxy has given me… Read More »

Will Robots Take Our Jobs

Technology has always brought changes to our workplace.  Now people are wondering, will robots take our jobs?    According to an article in the Daily Mail  Australia, Robots ‘will take 10million British jobs in 15 years’.  Could this really be happening?  It sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984     Jobs Lost… Read More »

Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Program

Ewen Chai has been on the internet for awhile and he is promoting his book, How I Made My First Million On the Internet along with his Super Affiliates Program.  It all sounds really great and I have found some positive reviews on Ewen Chia.  Unfortunately, I have also found a lot of negative reviews… Read More »

How To Set Goals & Achieve Them

Setting goals in life is important, setting goals in business is vital.  Today I want to talk about how to set goals & how you can achieve them. Goal setting Setting goals affects outcomes in four ways: Choice: Goals narrow attention and direct efforts to goal-relevant activities, and away from goal-irrelevant Importance of Setting … Read More »