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By | 04/11/2017

Have you been thinking about starting an online home business?  If you have then you should also think about equipping yourself with the proper tools and training to get it right.    People often ask how to make money online and that is not easy to answer.  There is no one special way to make money with your online business.  There are a number of different ways people can make money online.   How many ways can you think of to make money offline?  The truth is there are just as many ways online.

Just like an offline business, there are many different pathways to making money online.  What I can do for you explain how you can set up the foundation to a profitable online business.

Starting a Home BusinessLaying the Foundations For Your Online Business


Just like the corner store your business needs a good solid foundation to grow on.  It really is a bit like the three little pigs.  Only one built his house of bricks and it withstood the efforts of the big bad wolf to blow it down.  You need a website for the same reason.

You cannot have a business without one.  Oh, you might sell the odd thing on Facebook but you won’t have recurring sales and before you know it anyone who bought anything off you will fly off to a website that has steadily promoted the products they want.

Your website is the strong foundation of your online business just like the solid foundation of that corner store.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to lay that strong and durable foundation to build your business on.  If you do this from the very beginning you will on your way to a successful and profitable business

Starting an Online Home Business


Stock Your Online Store With Content

Now you need to create content.  To get people to visit your website you need to write content that builds a relationship between you and your customers.  Imagine you are in your corner store behind the counter and someone walks in and starts looking at your stock.  You would greet them and chat with them about whatever they were looking at, wouldn’t you?

Content that allows your customers to interact with you can also include videos, interaction through comments or audio.

Quality content using keywords (the words people use to search online) and SEO (search engine optimization) will attract traffic and get your site ranked in the search engines.

Write quality content and people will want to read it.

Get Traffic to Your Site

Now you need to draw the passing trade into your store.  Without them, you can’t make sales because you are trying to sell a secret.  Content will be your main focus but there are other ways to entice those visitors to your website.

  1. Creating content
  2. Get ranked in the search engines
  3. Create videos
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Ad Buys

Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of those things.  You can learn them at Wealthy Affiliate.   This is now the top rated place to get the best education in online business.  If you don’t understand any of these things they can teach you.  They have been teaching people internet marketing since 2005 and their training program is easy to follow but you do have to create a free account to get access to the training.

Pathway to Profit

Now you have traffic and the search engines think your great you can start looking at the money side of your business.  There are dozens of ways to make money once you have learned the ropes and here is just a few of them.

  • Selling affiliate products ( Affiliate Marketing)
  • Selling your own products
  • Drop Shipping
  • Creating and Selling Websites
  • Putting Google Adsense on your site.
  • Building Websites for small businesses
  • Selling your expertise in SEO to small businesses

This list is by no means complete.  Once you have your own website and have completed the Wealthy Affiliate training there are dozens of ways for you to make money.  One thing the training does is open you eyes to the opportunities that are out there once you finish the course.

With your own website the opportunities are almost endless limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t Go It Alone

It is true that failure is a great teacher but continuous failure can be painful and disheartening.  For that reason I would urge you to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Free Sign Up.  There are no hidden costs or upsells, just a genuine chance to see what is available to you at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a lot of scams online that will take your money with false promises and then give second rate and outdated training.  Don’t lose your money to these dishonest cons.   Take a  look at what Wealthy Affiliate are offering and keep your credit card in your pocket.  There are no catches just fill out a form and get started.

If you would like to know more about me before you sign up then you can check out my profile on my Wealthy Affiliate Blog  and don’t forget to pop over and say Hi when you have signed up

Final Words

In 2017 your audience is over 3.75 Billion active internet users.  If you have a product that will solve a problem or answer a question your customers have then you will make sales and those people will come back to your site.

Wealthy Affiliate will be there with the training, support, and help whenever you need it.   The training is up to date and encompasses the latest changes in online marketing, search engine optimization and more.

You will never be left waiting for days for help or struggling with something you don’t understand.  There is always someone there to help you.

To get your free membership and test drive the training offered just click the big Green button below and get started today.

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