The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

By | 02/09/2017

Finding the best keyword tool for SEO will give you the leg up you need to rank number one in the search engines.  That is what every successful internet marketer is doing and it all starts with a keyword tool you can depend on.  Settling for second best won’t get you the ranking you are looking for.   So what is the best keyword tool to use to get you to the top?

How I Got To The Top

When I first started Affiliate Marketing I was a total novice.  I had no idea what SEO meant and keywords confused me.  It took quite awhile for me to work out what keywords were really all about but when I finally nailed it I  got that elusive Search Engine Optimization that I had been searching for.

Currently, I have a couple of posts on page one of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  The post currently in number one position is a review I wrote about the Jaaxy Keyword tool.  I searched for keywords using Jaaxy and this is the results I got for my efforts and Jaaxy’s expertise.

The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

What Is Jaaxy

Jaaxy is one of the most popular keyword tools online and it is my keyword tool of choice.  I use it to find keywords for my posts and I credit it with getting me ranked on page one in the search engines.  As any Affiliate or Internet marketer will tell you getting your site on page one of Google is not easy and it is a big deal.

Today I want to tell you exactly how you can find keywords with Jaaxy that have high search volume (Avg) and low competition (QSR).

  • Use Jaaxy to find your keywords
  • Check out what competition you will have for your chosen keywords
  • How to track the performance of your keyword inside Jaaxy
  • How you can use Jaaxy to check your site ranking in the search engines

Jaaxy Keyword Tool For SEO

Below is a screen shot of the keyword search I did in Jaaxy before I wrote this post.

The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

This is only six of the results that came up when I searched ‘The Best Keyword Tool For SEO’ but it is a good example of how Jaaxy works.

As you can see the first column lists the keywords related to what you put in your search bar.  That little boxed L next to the top two results indicates I have saved those words to a keyword list.  This will help you to keep track of the best keywords for future posts on the same subject.  It will also give you a list of keywords you can use when writing your current post.

Columns headings explained

  •  Avg means average searches this keyword gets in a month.
  • Traffic is the number of visits to your website if you rank on page one of the search engines
  • QSR is the quoted search results and this is the number of websites in google competing for this same keyword
  • KQI is the Keyword Quality  Indicator. It tells you if your chosen keyword is great, normal or poor.  Of course, you should go for great which is green
  • SEO means Search Engine Optimization and shows how likely you are to rank for this keyword.  The higher scores here are what you should aim for and 100 is the top.

Choosing Your Keyword

When going through your keyword search results you need to keep in mind your baseline metric.  That is Avg should be 100 or more and the QSR 100 or less.

As you can see the keyword I chose for this post had an Avg of 269 and a QSR of 13.  Those scores are for that exact keyword phrase but Jaaxy also gives you the chance to analyze the competition for those keywords even further by using the Search Analysis option.

Simply put your chosen keyword into the Search Analysis and then search Google Bing and Yahoo for your competition.

The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

When you click on view details it will open the site information.  You can read through and decide whether you are able to compete with the competition.  If you feel you can’t compete then you need to choose another keyword.  If you want to see more you can open the site by clicking on the URL.

The screen shot above is only for Google.  You should also look at Bing and Yahoo before making a final decision to use that keyword.

Jaaxy Makes It Easy

When you do a keyword search on Jaaxy everything is laid out clearly to help you choose the right keyword for your next post.  You can see how much opposition you have, what traffic you can expect to get for those keywords and if they are search engine friendly.

Search Analytics will let you take a much closer look at your opposition before you use your chosen keyword.

When you search your chosen keyword you will also get a list of related words and these can be incorporated into your post to bring even more traffic to your site.

After You Publish Your Post

Jaaxy always has a section where you can see if your post is ranking  In the site rank section you can put your Url and your keywords into the search boxes and Jaaxy will give you the results if it is on the first 10 pages of the search engines.

Now you can also track how your keywords are trending after you publish your post.  you can set up this tracking tool to check your keywords and see if your stats are going up or down.  There is a graph below the tracking stats where you can see the progress of your keywords.

The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

As you can see at the bottom of the screen shot above I  am tracking this post twice a week.  I have the Pro membership in Jaaxy which currently costs $19 per month but you can save with the annual payment of $199.  In the Premium membership ($49) you can track your keywords daily.  There is a free trial version which gives you 30 free site rank analysis scans plus 30 keyword searches and 30 search results.

You can try a free Jaaxy search here

More Than A Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is much more than just a keyword tool.  It will help you track your results, assess your competition, choose your keywords as well as find Affiliate Sites that can match products with your keywords.

Having Jaaxy in my corner has helped me to write better posts, find the best keywords and products that people are likely to be looking for when they search the keywords I choose.  This type of information is invaluable when you are an affiliate marketer.  It is also information that I have never found with any other tool.

Jaaxy Price Rise

To get Jaaxy at the prices quoted above you need to be quick.  Prices are set to go up on 5th September but if you buy now at the above price you will miss out on the price rise and Jaaxy will keep the price for you at the above amounts.   They call it Grandfathering.  With a tool as advanced as Jaaxy you would expect it to cost a lot more but if you sign up before 5th of September you will only pay $19 per month for the Pro Membership.  After the 4th of September, you will have to pay the higher price.

A Final Word

Jaaxy is much more than an excellent, user-friendly keyword tool. When you sign up to join Jaaxy there are four videos that will walk you through everything Jaaxy has to offer.  I believe you will be as delighted as I was when you see what Jaaxy has to offers you.

For more on the Jaaxy membership options click here but remember these prices end in a few days.

Thank you for your interest in my website and I hope this post has helped you to decide on whether you want to use Jaaxy of not.  If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you so be sure to leave a note below for me.

5 thoughts on “The Best Keyword Tool For SEO

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Arie,
    I have found Jaaxy to be a great tool. It is much more than a keyword tool.
    Because the price is going up you need to join before the 5th of September. If you join up you will only pay the current price which is $19 for the Pro version. I would suggest if you are unsure whether to sign up or not why not sign up for a month and if it isn’t what you hoped for you can quit. If it is what you want then you are safely locked into the lower price.
    I use the Pro version and I am happy with it. The Enterprise version is top of the range and has some extra things that the Pro hasn’t but as I said in my post Pro helped me get to number one position with Google Bing and Yahoo and that is what I pay it to do.
    All the best to you and if you have any questions just let me know. I am always happy to help.

  2. Arie

    After seeing Jay’s webinar and now seeing your review, I will be subscribing to Jaaxy. This sounds like a very powerful tool and I am definitely interested in going all out when it comes to getting the best results with my site. I am also curious to see how the ranking section for keywords is in action.

    My question is, When it comes to both the Pro and Enterprise options, do you think it is worth it to go for Enterprise or is the Pro option just fine?

  3. Jack Taylor

    Hello Margaret,

    I just reading your article on the best keyword tool there is, Jaaxy! I’ve been using Jaaxy for a while now and would not trade it for any other keyword tool. Jaaxy finds easy to rank keywords in seconds and has never let me down. I would recommend the Jaaxy keyword tool to any marketer that wants to rank rank their website in the search engines.


  4. Margaret Post author

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your comment.  I have used Jaaxy for quite awhile and I hope a lot of people jump in before the price rise so they can have it at the current price.  It really is a great tool.

    Best wishes


  5. Sharon Whyte

    Hi there,
    Jaaxy is a great keyword tool and I have dabbled a bit with it in the past. It is so worth grabbing it now for its price as it increases quite a bit. But it really is value for money as it not only finds great keywords, it does alot of analyzing for you etc. I like how it also saves keyword lists as well for future use. Good informative article on this wonderful tool so thanks for that!

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