What Can You Do When You Hate Your Job

By | 04/09/2016

Are you like hundreds of people who are looking for the answer to what can you do when you hate your job?   Many of these people feel they have no choice but to stay in their job and just try to keep going. They feel they can never escape from the job that is sucking the life out of them. They have a family to support, a mortgage, bills to pay and they cannot see any alternative but to drag themselves out of bed every morning and try to make the most of the job they have.

If you are one of those people then you are not alone.  According to a recent Gallup poll, ‘87% of employees worldwide are not engaged’ and a recent article in Forbes claims that 70% of employees hate their jobs.

The Effects This Has On An Employee

Having to face a job you hate day after day can drive some people into depression.  Their home life suffers and theirWhen You Hate Your Job relationships deteriorate.  Their children dread them coming home from work withdrawn and irritable and do their best to avoid them.

It is like a dark cloud has settled over their family and sometimes even their friends.  Being unhappy in your job is a destructive force in anyone’s life.  In some cases, it leads to a breakdown in the family and marriages break up.

People who hate their job are past the point of having an odd bad day.  For them, every day they have to work is a bad day and it is destructive and damaging to them and the people around them.  In some circumstances, it can be dangerous.

Being depressed affects concentration and people working in laboring jobs such as construction or operating heavy machinery could put themselves and those working with them at risk.

Changing Your Life

Initiating a change can be a huge hurdle if you have stayed in a job that has drained you completely but if you don’t take steps to make changes then the outcome can often get much worse.  Marriages end, children become alienated  or even worse.  For many change will be difficult but it is not impossible.

What you are looking for is the key to unlock the destructive cycle you are caught up in.  You may think changing your job is the best way to break the cycle but it may be just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  Most employers are looking for people with experience and if you are only experienced in the job you hate then a new job doing the same thing is not likely to break the cycle.

This is where positive reinforcement and a plan that can help.  You need to believe in yourself.  Instead of seeing all the negative aspects in your life start looking for the positive ones.  Self belief can take you to places you have  only dreamed of.

What Others Have Done

When leaving your job is not an option then it is time to think outside the box.  Many people have found they can continue working in their current job while they build  a livable income working at home part time .

There are a lot of people who are building successful online businesses from home and as it grows and the money starts to come in they are able to negotiate working  less hours with their employer until they are able to quit their job altogether.

Dream Income

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If This Garbage Was Real?

I hate to tell you but this kind of exaggerate promise is just a way to prize money out of your bank and into theirs.  The trouble is there are a lot of these false claims out there and it is hard to know who is genuine and who is not.

My rule of thumb (after being scammed myself) is never buy anything I can’t try first.  If you can’t get a free trial and test a site to see if it is what you are looking for then DO NOT GO THERE.

How to Get Started

Getting started on your journey to independence and finally being free of that  job you hate is not nearly as difficult as you may think.  There are only three things that you need to get started and they come with a FREE trial.

You Need

  • Your own website,
  • Education that takes you step by step through the process
  • Support of experts who have taken this route and succeeded

If you are like a lot of people you probably think building a website needs skills you don’t have.  Many people have no idea where to start.  The truth is anyone can build a website in less than one minute.  To watch a quick video on how you can have your own website  in seconds  Click Here.

If you are prepared to undertake the education and put in the time to learn then there is nothing in your way.  Each step will take you closer to saying goodbye to that job you hate and giving you the freedom you crave.

Get support from everyone who has traveled the road you are on and know how you feel.  Many people have joined this program as free members, and after trying it realized the huge potential of what they were being offered. These people have taken advantage of the 59% discount on their first months membership  and upgraded to Premium membership.  With the full program  many have gone on to become successful online Entrepreneurs.


This is what your will get with you Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Get Your Life Back

Just imagine rolling out of bed in the morning, slipping into your dressing gown and slippers and going to work. You could have your life back, avoid  peak hour traffic, connect with your family again and start living the life you have always wanted.

It makes leaving a job you hate possible.  There are many people who have created their online income before giving up their job and I doubt you would find one of them that wished they had kept working for their boss.

Working for yourself gives you freedom to do the things you always wanted to do.  You can work anywhere you have an internet connection so if you want to travel the world or just spend a week in the sun then it is possible.

Get Started For Free

I would never recommend that anyone should throw caution to the wind and pay for anything before checking it out and making sure it is what they are looking for and that is why this is my #1 program. It wont cost you a cent to try it out before you make a decision.  There are no hidden costs or up-sells so put away your credit card.

Escape The Job You Hate

Thank you for reading my post and I hope it has helped you.  I always appreciate your comments and feedback so be sure to leave me a note below.












16 thoughts on “What Can You Do When You Hate Your Job

  1. Margaret Post author

    Hi Weston,

    The majority of people are stuck in a job that gives them and income but not the job satisfaction we all need to be happy and contented.  

    I wish you every success in building your online business and making enough money to get out of  the job you hate and live the life you want.


  2. Weston

    Great post! I am definitely one of the people that hates their job and feel stuck because of financial responsibilities. I feel that responsibility even more as I am married and a month away from having my first child. It’s crazy to see the statistics you provided. 70% and 87% are very high numbers.

    I am currently trying to build an affiliate marketing business where I can work from home full-time. I see it as my only option. I know it will take time and hard work, but it will be worth it in the end. I’m just thankful I don’t need any experience or skills to build a website or an online business.

    Thank you for sharing this information.


  3. Margaret Post author

    Hi Stephen

    I am delighted to  have been able to help you. 

    My very best wishes to you at Wealthy Affiliate and be sure to let me know if I can help you in any way.


  4. Stephen

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article with me. I’m one of those who hate their jobs and want to work online from home.

    For many years now I have been searching online how to work from home, but sadly I have found non- a friend sometime ago introduced to me a particular website that promised to give us $10 for referring other people to visit thee website. I did all I could, wasted my time but later it turned out that it was just a fake prime, one of the scams out there.

    But I never gave up, because I knew that surely, there should be a genuine way of making money online. And thankfully I found your website today. Thank you mo much for sharing this valuable information with me.

    Now I know where to get help to be able to start my online home business. I know if I start the training from your recommended program I will soon start a business that will help me to quit my job.

  5. Margaret Post author

    Thanks for your comment Minhaj.  You are absolutely right.  We all want instant gratification and the scam sites do play on that.  What Wealthy Affiliate offers is the training to build a profitable business that you can sustain for a long time.   Their absolute honesty is evident from the moment you sign up for a free account.

    My best wishes to you ongoing success.


  6. Minhaj

    There are legitimate ways to start an online business and Wealthy Affiliate are one of the best to show people how. Unfortunately, people want to become rich quick and this were the scammers come in. They prey on people’s fears and dreams, I too have fallen for these get rich quick schemes. They have fake testimonials and ridiculous income claims. The real ways takes hard work and effort but the rewards are worth it. This is why Wealthy Affiliate works, they don’t lie to you about income expectations but do provide the framework for you to be successful.
    Thanks for the article

  7. Margaret Post author

    Hi Liz,

    Great to get you comment.

    Starting an online business is a great way to get away from a job you hate or even just to set yourself up with an income after retirement. It is a great way to explore you passions and interests.

    One of the thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they give you information on all the free sites you can use and this cuts down on the costs considerably. The only major cost I have found is advertising but even that can be done on a budget.

    I wish you every success in whatever you undertake.


  8. Margaret Post author

    Hi Joakim,

    I was married to a long distance truck driver and loved going with him. I know how hard it is to give it up. It offers the freedom that no other job does and in our case, we got to see the country a got paid for it. The trouble is there comes a time when it all gets too hard and that is when you need a fallback plan.

    If you have the time to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business now that will be excellent when the time to step out of the truck comes. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I know to get that business up and running >All the best and travel safe.


  9. Margaret Post author

    Hi Andrejs,

    Thanks for your comment. You are lucky to have a job you love and to have enough time off the build your own full time online business. That is definitely a win win situation.

    All the best in you endeavors


  10. andrejs

    Hi! When you hate your daily job, it really is an unenviable situation. Actually, for me, this is not the case. To be honest, for after thirty-five years of jobs I worked, totally three years was when I did not like my job. Today my daily job is on perfect schedule one day on three days off, so I have a plenty of time to do what I like, and one thing I am addicted is Internet marketing and writing about things I am more or less familiar with GPS navigation. Not only writing but even making some $.

  11. Jojo

    I do agree completely. Your life is all about balance. If you one part of your life is not going well (like your job) then it is going to have negative influence on the rest of your life as well. As for me, I do like my job (I drive a long distance truck) as it is rather free and independent but even soo, I often dream of what life would be like if I could quit and just do whatever I feel like. It would be a dream to be financially independant and just do the things I enjoy.

    Therefore, I will keep going and succeed with affiliate marketing as this is one of the best options possible.

    Thank you for a great post.


  12. Liz

    I think starting an online business can be the start of something very rewarding, but it does take a lot of time-especially if you don’t have a big budget to start out with.

    However, I think it can also be a great opportunity to explore your passions and interests and find a way to monetize them. It can be a relief from the depression you feel in your job that you have a passion project on the side. And I do agree with you-Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to start!

  13. Margaret Post author

    Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for you comments.

    You are right of course, when a job really gets you to the point of withdrawing into yourself it is very hard to take control and make the changes needed. Also positive thinking does not come easily to a lot of people.

    I used to be one of those negative Nellies. I always thought of what could go wrong and I kept telling myself I was being practical. It wasn’t until I started looking at what could go right that I was able to turn my life around.

    I am happy my article motivated you and I really hope it does inspire others to take the first step to change their livese for the better.

    Best wishes in everything you do


  14. Riaz Shah

    Hey Margaret,
    Taking action is definitely the most obvious way to take control of your life but sadly, not many people see that point of view.

    Most people just succumb to their sorrows by quitting their jobs and continue to be frustrated with their lives at home. Your article motivated me to work harder, I hope you can inspire many more to take control of their lives and start their own businesses too. Cheers!

  15. Margaret Post author

    Hi Arturo,

    Thanks for leaving me a comment. I hate seeing people lose their money on a scam and you are right it is usually people who are desperate. They are taken in by the promise of making money immediately and that seldom happens.

    Every secure business needs a good foundation and that is what gives members. The Wealthy Affiliate free starter course does get you a and it also gives plenty of insight into what the program is all about. People to make an informed decision about whether it is what they are looking for. Most people who accept the free trail offer do signup for Premium membership because they see the benefits they will get from the program.

    I will continue to recommend it and hopefully between us we can keep some people away from the scammy sites.

    All the best to you


  16. Arturo Siew

    Yes, there are many people out there who got scammed. In the face of economic uncertainty, there are a lot dubious websites and ads out there to scam people out of their hard earned cash. Ironically, these group of people traget and prey on those who have the least.

    Anyway, I too will recommend Wealthy affiliate as a good online learning platform, you can always try out as a free members and their starting courses is often enough to set up your own website.

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