What Is Stopping You Being Successful

By | 17/08/2017

What Is Stopping You Being Successful?

Have you noticed how many people spend their lives with their noses pressed up What Is Stopping You Being Successfulagainst the window watching others succeed?  Have you ever wondered why?  Every day they read that anyone can succeed, how easy it is and yet something stands in their way.


So what is stopping you from jumping off the fence and finding success?

For many it is fear.  They have been scammed in the past and are now afraid of losing their money again.  This held me back for far too long.  I told myself ‘if it is on the internet it is a scam’.  I know now I was wrong.  I am also very grateful I found out I was wrong before I spent my life with my nose pressed up against the window.

Success Starts In Your Head

Many people talk themselves out of success.  They tell themselves, ‘I could never do What Is Stopping You Being Successfulthat’ or ‘I’m just not smart enough’ or ‘I just know I will lose my money and fail’.  These people are held back by their own head talk.  This is actually your self-protection mechanism going to work.  Below is a video to help you understand why you do this.

If you start thinking ‘ I’m smart, I can do that and  I can succeed’ you have the right attitude to become successful.  Success can be anybody’s.  All they need is the desire to succeed,  the belief that they can succeed and the right training,  the ability to stay positive and the determination to keep going when things get tough and the support of those around them.

Successful people know the only time they will fail is when they give up.  That is why they succeed.  Richard Branson would never have doubted himself or his ability to succeed.  Nor did Nelson Mandela and many others who have succeeded against all odds, so why do you?

ChangeYour Thoughts  Become Successful

We have all heard about the power of positive thinking. Still many of us struggle with self-doubt. Why do we let these negative, self-destroying thoughts invade our minds and prevent us from succeeding?What Is Stopping You Being Successful

You can train yourself to think positive thoughts that let you focus on the bright side to get you to the other side of that window to success.  Learn some positive affirmations that inspire you.  Here are three to get you started

You can train yourself to see the positive things in your life if you try.  Reinforcing yourself with as many positive affirmations as you can find and there are thousands of them out there.

Print them and put them on your wall, your fridge and anywhere else  you will see them every day.

Success Is Within Your Reach

When you dismiss the negative thinking and dwell on the positives you will find yourself achieving many things you never believed you were capable of.  Your thoughts are a powerful force.  When you learn to control them and point them in the right direction success will be within your reach.

Your negative thoughts will bind you to failure.  It is a trap you set for yourself.   It keeps you outside with your nose pressed against the window instead of opening the door and walking inside.


If your negative thoughts are holding you back you need to take the steps needed to evict them.  Get a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and read it.  Twice if you have to.

Surround yourself with positive people who nourish your mind and your spirit and seize the day.

I look forward to hearing of your journey into positive thinking and the success that it brought you so leave me a note below.  I would love to hear from you.



What Is Stopping You Being Successful








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